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  1. License plate delay

    Same here. Purchased out of state in late March, had to go into DMV scheduled appt to get tag transferred after no tag by early June.
  2. Key Fob Follies

    As someone who did the AJT conversion on day 3 of ownership, I no longer experience this terrible problem or gripe. lol. I made a quick video of it.
  3. South Carolina JTs

    Funny! I used to live at the top of Robinson on the west side(fews bridge/lake robinson pointe). I'm down in the Greer/Taylors area now.
  4. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    Update on my Yoko Geo 003 -Great tire so far. Just finished over 1200 miles worth of ground in 3 weeks(2 beach trips to the coast). Super happy with how smooth they are and just a hair louder than my old K02s. Jeep cruises at 80 straight down the interstate without wandering, and the ride is...
  5. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Couple of days late as we were at the beach, but I yanked this big thing around. Phenomenal pulling power for what the platform is(coming from a crewmax tundra owner) 218 Carolina Skiff
  6. Texas Like New Softopper $700

    Did you ever sell this? I’m in SC
  7. Colorado Rubicon Dana 44 Axles out of a 2020 Gladiator - Complete 310 Miles $4250

    Bump I just want to know what tons you are putting back in
  8. Is 6K off on a 40K MSRP doable?

    my purchase is a little outdated now as I intentionally picked up one out of state(GA) and took advantage of the timing in March when dealerships couldn’t sell, but my MSRP was a hair over $45K and I paid less than $36.5K delivered to me at home. Likely the deal of the century with perfect...
  9. South Carolina JTs

  10. South Carolina JTs

    Driving through Cola heading to the beach Monday afternoon, I spotted someone. Red gladiator turning into rushes
  11. South Carolina JTs

    I haven’t been to gulches in a couple of years, however, I cut trails on day 2 when the original owner owned it, and have a trail named for me there due to an endo while we were cutting new trails before park open(hunters uh oh). A stock Rubi would have a blast on 80% of it. There are things...
  12. Newbie Here - About to Pull The Trigger on a Mojave and Getting a Shiver

    I"ve had a ton of Jeeps from CJs up to current JT. I've wheeled them all over and above what they were maybe designed for. I've never had a single one of my jeeps break down, or be a repair that I couldn't handle myself. In the past, and even till now, they're are a TON of resources to utilize...
  13. 4300 lbs w/ 3.87 standard tow package?

    Correct. I would even encourage those people who tow frequently to watch the trans temp gauge on big trips to actually KNOW if it’s heating up or if the cooling job is up to par. These things are built pretty decent. Obviously not a full size tow machine, but super capable. The ZF 8spd is...
  14. 4300 lbs w/ 3.87 standard tow package?

    I think you will be just fine with a gear change, trailer brakes, and helper bags/weight distributing hitch honestly. Sure you will spend a ton of time in manual mode in the mountains, but the truck will get the job done.(just not over 65mph). I've towed a TON of stuff with different trucks...
  15. Longest Continuous Drive in Your JT?

    Awesome route! I'm assuming if you head back to Florida, you'll take the lower cross country route?
  16. Longest Continuous Drive in Your JT?

    I've now done almost 5 hour drives straight in the last month. The Jeep did great, and the entire family was comfortable.
  17. 10$ Quick Disconnects

    I feel like you have come from independent front suspension world :) Your use of A arm usually refers to a control arm. If the disconnect is connected to a lower or upper control arm on a straight axle application, we've got a problem. lol. Most people with DIY will carry zip ties or a bungee...
  18. South Carolina Rough Country 2" Billet Wheel Spacers($200)

    Heres the link for qty 2 on Amazon. I've got 4 qty, used for less than 500 miles before I changed wheels. Great condition and can include all factory lugs if wanted with the spacers. Pretty firm on $200 as they...
  19. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    oh man. OCMD is notorious for pulling over modified cars. Back in my VW days, we had a show every year called H20. That show alone would have 100s of fix it tickets because everyones VW was modded. heres 2019s data..1500 citations in 4 days...