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  1. What did you expect from a JEEP?! (So, WHY did you buy a Jeep?!)

    Thank god I have a Launch Edition!
  2. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    Lock em up and throw away the key!
  3. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    As well they should, nothing weirder looking than a Wrangler with street tires! Doors I can stomach, but not All Weathers.
  4. Jeep Gladiators Burn to Death During Battery Jump

    I hate to say it but that is a distinct possibilit. My Grand Cherokee batteries were doing the same thing. Took it in and the dealer replaced both batteries, problem solved. But I have caught another dealer saying they did a 5 tire rotation after marking the spare, which never made it into the...
  5. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    But if you don’t have doors, where do you put the required door handles?
  6. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    Yep that‘s how mine are attached.
  7. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    Flexy Flares, got them from LowRange Off-Road 4 1/4" under mount,
  8. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    I run these permanently and I prefer them. I know if I get in a tight squeeze they may get ripped off but I'd rather not have my tires throwing rocks at cars on the road. Call me a nerd, I can take it. Just don't call me a Mall Crawler! Easy install and easy removal.
  9. FCA gone

    A Streetcar Named Desire,
  10. FCA gone

  11. Busted back window

    I had a giant bee fly in my sunrider top the other day. No broken glass but weird things come in. Fortunately, he flew out as well.
  12. Update: Jeep Reveals V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept With Hemi

    For some IFS is a plus, for many it’s a minus.
  13. Gladiator Q2 2020 Sales Moves Up Into 3rd Place In Midsize Segment

    As much as I'd like to see more JTs sold, it's fun to have such a cool and still somewhat unique truck. the good thing is we can customize our trucks more than any other which keeps them unique.
  14. Mall Crawler and 40s....

    Saw one very similar yesterday. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not my cup of tea though.
  15. Mall Crawler and 40s....

    I was actually surprised at how long it took for this to get nasty. As someone who overlands whenever I can, but it isn't often enough, I say it's only the owner's business what he does with his rig. Having said that, I think 40s on stock axles for driving on pavement only is a total waste of...
  16. There is no debate, go 4.88 gears (my review)

    Couldn’t agree with you any more. I’m running 37 KO2s and the Mopar lift. Going to 4.88s got rid of a lot of searching for gears and improved the fuel economy. I also have a 2107 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk with the the same 8 speed and with the 4.88s the Gladiator shifts smoothly like the...
  17. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    Zero issue, love mine. Makes me smile every time I look at it. Purchased 9-1-19, almost 11,000 miles.
  18. Newest Jeep Oldest Jeep Photoshoot

    I am soooo jealous. Both awesome rigs!
  19. Going to Arbitration for buy back

    I have owned many Jeeps and still love them. I think the unreliable thing is greatly exaggerated, partially due to all the customization we do. Some done well, some not so well. They are not perfect but I had two Audi A8s, one that was great and one that made my Jeeps look flawless. All auto...
  20. Going to Arbitration for buy back

    Thanks for updating us and good luck. I hope I never have to go through that but its useful to hear about, just in case.