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  1. What did you expect from a JEEP?! (So, WHY did you buy a Jeep?!)

    Lol this is great, saw the current complain thread and immediately thought of this one. Let the memes roll.
  2. Giveaway of the Month - July 2020 - JT Gladiator M220 (3rd Gen D44) Diff Skid Plate

    Armor is exactly what I'm missing. After taking it off road, I can comfirm diff skid plates are needed(as well as a lot more underneath lol)
  3. Fair pricing for locker and gears

    Copy that on the rd245. At first the quote showed a Dana 30 in front. Had to have him change it to Dana 44. He actually had a Gladiator Sport max tow and thought that the front 44 was from the Max tow upgrade, not standard. Had to double check myself lol. Seems to be a lot of confusion on what...
  4. Fair pricing for locker and gears

    Went to 4WD and got a quote for front and rear ARB air lockers with 4.88 gear install. I have the air compressor already as well as a set of auxiliary switches. Below is the pricing they gave me: Does it look fair? I know I could probably find a independent mechanic or shop that could possibly...
  5. Locker options for Sport

    What's the average labor cost for front and rear ARB with air compressor already installed?