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  1. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    Step rails added this week to help my wife get in (also got tired of the exposed factory holes). Bullet antenna was installed a few weeks ago and so far so good on reception. Leveling kit next!
  2. Bronco Truck vs Gladiator

    Looks like Ford is going to try and compete with the Gladiator. To me it’s a bit of a head scratcher since it’ll pull some folks from the ranger and f150 market. I’ll stick with Jeep. Thoughts?
  3. My new 2020 Mojave Gladiator

    Gorgeous truck! I love the color combination between the hydro blue and orange accents.
  4. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    The negative feedback I get is always based around "why didn't you get ______ truck instead for that price?" And I find myself saying in my head, it's probably because Ford, Chevy, Toyota etc don't offer a truck that's also a convertible and has removable doors. Also I love jeeps. I switched...
  5. Sport S Tires

    Sport S tires for sale. $150 for all 4. Only 1800 miles driven on the set - must be able to pick up in my area of NC.
  6. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    285/70/17 Nitto Terra Grappler G2s added today. It’s crazy how much better the Sport S looks when you add better tires.
  7. Let's see 'em - Larger tires on Sport S wheels

    285/70/17 Nitto Terra Grappler G2s mounted today on the stock wheel. A world of difference from the top picture.
  8. Where do you carry Freedom Panels in the vehicle?

    I also throw mine in the bag and then the bed. I have leftover bungee straps from a jk alien sunshade, and I use one to strap down the bag to the back ring in the corner of the bed to stop any sliding around.
  9. 34 Inch Tires on Stock Sport S?

    I’ve finally settled on a set of Patagonia MTs for the Gladiator (I think), but I’m wanting to run 295, 70, 17 on an otherwise stock sport s (not a max tow). I’ve seen a ton of threads and videos regarding running 35s and what it takes to make them fit, but what about 34s? Technically these Pats...
  10. Patagonia AT R or Atturo Trail Blade XT pictures

    In the same boat as you! The only difference is that I'm looking at the Patagonia M/Ts and Trail Blade XTs instead of the Patagonia AT R. I'd love to see a gladiator with Atturos as well.
  11. 38” Milestar Pats in winter

    @WXman Wow! He's going to get at least 40k if he wants to. That's awesome to hear. I have a decent commute each day, so I've been curious as to how well the tread holds up on these. I want a set, but can't justify replacing them in less than 2 years. Sounds like I would be just fine.
  12. 38” Milestar Pats in winter

    @WXman What kind of mileage are you/did you get out of your Patagonia's?
  13. Atturo Trail Blade XT- Too good to be true??

    Did some research on the Patagonias and liked them a lot, but wasn’t sure what kind of mileage I would get out of them since I have a moderate daily commute. What mileage are most of your customers getting? @Discount Tire
  14. Atturo Trail Blade XT- Too good to be true??

    Made the crossover from JL to JT about a month ago and I'm still shopping for some new shoes. I've read a ton of reviews on these tires and obviously the price point is attractive, but who is running these on your rigs? I've seen these on a few gladiators but haven't heard the pros and the cons...
  15. Patagonia MTs

    I’d be very interested to hear how they are after 10k. I guess tread life isn’t something I should be anticipating out of a MT, but if they’d go close to 40k, I’d buy them asap. With the commute, it’d be hard to justify (at least for me), replacing the tires every 2.5 years (or sooner).
  16. Patagonia MTs

    Just jumped into the gladiator game and shopping new tires. I’ve been really intrigued by the Patagonia MTs and want to run 35s. Thoughts on the tire? Tread life, noise, traction - what’s your take? note: I have a roughly a 50 min round trip commute with my job, 5 days a with that...