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  1. Do you get hood glare from cowl lights?

    I put floods on the sides and spots on top. Minimal glare on granite crystal metallic. I’ll have to get a picture.
  2. What did you expect from a JEEP?! (So, WHY did you buy a Jeep?!)

    Kamala is another spelling.
  3. What did you expect from a JEEP?! (So, WHY did you buy a Jeep?!)

    My only real issue is a bit of exhaust drone when you get on it. Otherwise, sounds and performs great.
  4. What did you expect from a JEEP?! (So, WHY did you buy a Jeep?!)

    Come on down to Atlanta!
  5. How Tall is Your Modified Gladiator??

    Rubicon, Mopar lift, hard top, 37/13.50-20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. 77”. the highest point is the trailing edge of the hard top as I have a slight rake with the rear sitting higher. The parking garage signs at work Say 6’ 6” (78”), so I brought my tape measure and measured the true height of the...
  6. What did you expect from a JEEP?! (So, WHY did you buy a Jeep?!)

    Yep, I’m enjoying it! Baboon ass and all.
  7. Solutions for the freeway wander - will track bar/steering stabilizer help?

    I wouldn’t be too worried. With power steering and a solid axle, 6 degrees is significantly better than 3 degrees. Even if your steering box is loose, it won’t be as noticeable with that much caster and the tracking will feel solid with little wandering. Thats a great idea using the Mopar lift...
  8. Hit and run

    Please post some pictures of the Willco when installed. I hope the insurance company treats you right!
  9. Steering play / dead spot fixed with new gear box

    Instant response. It is better than any other solid axle I’ve driven. Mopar lift, 37’s, Synergy brace and track bar, Falcon 2.2 stabilizer.
  10. Rigid Lights in White Casing vs Black

    I didn’t realize they came in white and agree they look great on a white JT. A have both styles the OP posted in black simply because at my age there is no such thing as too much light!
  11. Steering play / dead spot fixed with new gear box

    Everyone should post a steering video showing both the play (dead spot) and drifting (Turning when the wheel is pointing straight) while on the highway at speed.

    Well said. Before I retired from USAA in 2017, I was on the SA Works Board. Our primary objective was to convince parents and theIr high school aged kids that vocational training, particularly plumbing, electrician, HVAC and construction were real careers with significant upside career and...

    I realize my humor is not for everyone and that without voice inflection and facial expression it can fall flat, even though this whole thread is about sarcasm. Here is the reality. I graduated from community college.
  14. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    I know for some reading comprehension is hard. If you lived in south Texas you would understand the real value of cooled seats. Read my post again Iowa, I was not comparing a Porsche suv to a Jeep. I was advocating for cooled seats using the only reference I have, my wife’s car which happens to...

    Good point! Just like her mom helped me with the Cobra! I like it!

    Those FCA bastards made the engine bay the perfect size to drop in a 6.4 hemi causing me to divert some reserved funds requiring my youngest to only be able to afford community college. It’s all their fault she won’t get a good job!
  17. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    Okay, I’ll go there, too! The seat cooling feature in my wife’s 2019 Porsche Cayenne is superb! In Texas heat, no more sweaty parts. Okay, tmi but you get the point.
  18. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    Both my Gladiator and Porsche cut out regularly when driving in the hills and tall, thick trees around our lake house in NY. I guess that means it’s not a Jeep thing!
  19. Tailgate automatically opens when driving

    Tailgate opens when driving...sounds like an old girlfriend, but that is a story for another time. Hope these solutions fix it for you!