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  1. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    If you read my bio, it says “petroleum engineer” No, I am not one of the automotive geniuses that designed this feature. And no I am not an EPA employee trying to limit every ounce of carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles. But, my point is that I am averaging more than the estimated fuel economy...
  2. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    Every restart of the engine uses about the same amount of fuel as idling for 10 seconds. So in order to being using less fuel, you need to have the engine off for at least that amount of time. I turned my auto start off the second day I bought my truck and I am averaging almost 21 mpg with...
  3. Pennsylvania Rollup Tonneau Cover Questions

    Thanks for letting me know! But New England is a very long drive for just a tonneau cover.
  4. Pennsylvania Rollup Tonneau Cover Questions

    Thanks fir sharing. Looks like a good cover for a reasonable price.
  5. Pennsylvania Rollup Tonneau Cover Questions

    So I was originally planning in March on ordering my truck with the rollup cover from the factory, but all of the dealers I talked with gave me the run-around and the short story is that I bought one from the lot that was a lot of things short of what I wanted to order. I asked the dealer if...
  6. Delete push button start, go back to keyed ignition? The rfid brick has to go...

    I’m truly interested in seeing if there is a solution to this issue. I know that RFID has been used as an anti theft measure in cars fir at least two decades. My one friend had their 2006 Ford Expedition key get cracked, which damaged the rfid chip. Even when the car was unlocked, the engine...
  7. Delete push button start, go back to keyed ignition? The rfid brick has to go...

    Weren’t the Jks in 2018 still made with keyed ignitions? That’s only 2 model years ago.
  8. Best locate option ?

    I did a nationwide search in CarGurus. There is apparently only one orange gladiator in the country. I’m kinda dubious about it, because their filters aren’t always the best. But they have free nationwide searching of new and used cars...
  9. Jalopnik: New Ford Bronco Crew-Cab Pickup Being Fast-Tracked To Take On The Jeep Gladiator: Report

    Emergency Etymologist Service What? Who puts that decal on a rendering?
  10. 7" Uconnect not an option anymore?

    I brought this up back when the July 2021 order guide was released. At the bottom of page three (I think) of the order guide there is a note stating that the technology package (which includes the 7” radio) is required for the Sport S models. So basically the 7” display is the base radio on all...
  11. Can this stock piece between the fender and bumper be removed?

    I think Sport models with colored fenders don’t have them. At least that is what is shown on the Jeep build site.
  12. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    I don’t see the technology group being offered as an option on the July order guide
  13. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    It looks like there is longer an option for the 7” radio for the Sport S models. Also, on the Jeep Build website the options are either 5” or 8.4”. I am hypothesizing that Chrysler is completing phasing out the 5” screens and the new base screen will be the 7”.
  14. Hard top vs premium soft top

    I haven’t purchased a gladiator yet, but have spent way too much time researching and analyzing the options. The hardtop is much quieter, and can be even more quiet if you install a headliner. From what I have heard about others’ experiences, the factory headliner is not very good at either heat...
  15. Offer from Dealer 2 hours away

    Haha I think I found the truck you got your quote for by accident. Is this it?,+PA+-ad1751e90a0e0ae77f0ab89e7f94315c.htm They are the closest dealer to me and I thought I would check their inventory since I haven't in a while.
  16. Offer from Dealer 2 hours away

    Have you heard of Koons Jeep or Dulles Motorcars, both are nearby DC in Virginia. Both of those dealers had pretty good deals about a month ago for Sport S models. Not sure what you want, but thought I could suggest comparing prices that they are offering ($35-38 grand range for similarly...
  17. Headlight question

    The Sport S has auto headlights, the base Sport will get a dead battery if you leave the headlights on
  18. Sport S Must Come With Hardtop Headliner and Slush Mats????

    That is what I am thinking. As soon as I started asking about taking that additional $700 off the build price, they stopped talking to me.
  19. Sport S Must Come With Hardtop Headliner and Slush Mats????

    No, I was only getting the popular equipment group because I thought that was the best deal to get the hardtop and 7” radio (the tow package is a nice bonus). I reached out to several other dealerships asking for clarification on this and for their price, but all of them have yet to respond to...
  20. 2020 Gladiator Mojave Review: For most buyers, the Mojave will make more sense than the Rubicon [Autoblog]

    You should be able to watch it in this article