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  1. Water spaying thru door seals at touchless wash

    I take my roof and doors off pretty much every weekend and went through a wash yesterday with no issues.
  2. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    I also vote for #1.
  3. Torque spec 8 roof bolts (the T50 bolts)

    I had honestly never thought about what the actual torque should have been until I read your post and looked it up. It's a great point about possible leaks and or damage if done incorrectly, especially over time. Going to pull out my torque wrench as well to get an actual feel on how tight...
  4. Torque spec 8 roof bolts (the T50 bolts)

    Looks like the owner’s manual says about 13 ft-lb. Seems to be just over hand tight.
  5. Update: Jeep Reveals V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept With Hemi

    New video just posted: Update: Turns out this is the V8 Rubicon 392 Concept: Jeep® Introduces New 6.4-liter V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept Looks like Jeep is potentially adding the factory option...
  6. My new 2020 Mojave Gladiator

    Looks awesome! Congrats!
  7. Stock looking aftermarket steel REAR bumpers

    This may be an option. Right at $500 Https://
  8. Doors off (trail) mirrors?

    Once I have tightened them down I have had zero issues with them moving at all. No vibration or any other issues. Would definitely reccomend them!.
  9. "Truck" or "Jeep"?

    I've always called it the Jeep Truck.
  10. New Jeep Owners: What was your last car, and WHY JEEP?

    I also came from a Toyota FJ cruiser to the Gladiator. Bought a Tacoma new in 2006 that my youngest brother still drives. Had a 2004 4runner then the 2007 FJ. I bought the FJ in 2012 with 98,000 miles on it and loved it. The only regret I always had was not being able to buy it new. The...
  11. Show me your front bumpers!!

    Were you able to reuse the factory skid plate?
  12. Bed cover on the cheap! (From Chevy Colorado)

    I ordered the Gator tonneau cover the colorado and it does not fit the gladiator. The way the latch handle works it hits the bump out at the tail of the bed. Luckily for me (him), my brother has an '18 Colorado so he gets a new tonneau cover! Went ahead and ordered the MaxMate from above.
  13. What can we do for you?

    Benny, Any code to use towards the LED taillights? Thanks!
  14. Doors off (trail) mirrors?

    I ended up going with the Jpeggz. Have taken multiple interstate trips 75+ and they havent moved at all.
  15. Oracle Lighting *STAY AT HOME* Sales

    Just missed these!
  16. Oracle Oculus Bi LED Headlight replacements?

    Got mine installed yesterday! Pretty easy install after watching the video.
  17. Oracle Oculus Bi LED Headlight replacements?

    They look great! Back in stock yet?
  18. Door weight

    They are around 50 lbs each.
  19. Oracle Oculus Bi LED Headlight replacements?

    Got mine on order as well! Looking forward to upgrading to led.
  20. Off Road Pages: Lat & Long Not Displaying

    Did you ever figure out if it was a geographical issue @bigbeerdrinker? I just got my Rubicon and am having the same issue. Navigation works fine but the lat/long and altitude just stay blank. I'm a few hours east of DC.