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  1. August Cash Allowance

    It seems to me there are too many Rubicons and Mojave’s hanging around on the lots. Is nobody paying $60000 for a Jeep these days??!!
  2. Texas Check In

    Tolar, Tx somewhere between the Dallas snobs and Liberal freakos of Austin ( both geographically and philosophically) Any other thumbs up on Texas dealers, other than MH Georgtown. Still shopping and have come across no fewer than 4 "price typos". Thanks for any help.
  3. How did I do on price? Jeep Gladiator Sport S with Max Towing package

    great buy....that's what i've been hunting......i don't think these thing are WORTH what they are asking
  4. Photo challenge.. Show me your Gladiator in your garage.

    thanks for the reply. I'm with your wife on the Punk'n as #1 color
  5. Customer Preferred Package 24Z?

    the Z stands for Zats too much to pay.
  6. Advice before buying

    where can i find a beer swilling dancing cowgirl? i want one or two
  7. Is all red way too much red?

    with the black fenders it looks perfect. i think ALL models need a little contrast, either in the top or the fenders ( sorry for using such an outdated term as fenders, but that is what we used to always take off our bikes back in the day to cool them up). I imagine the painted stuff is better...
  8. Photo challenge.. Show me your Gladiator in your garage.

    i was wondering who in the hell has the bread to buy one of those rubicons or mohaves......the garage pictures answers it pretty clearly.......i'm in the wrong F-in business!
  9. Photo challenge.. Show me your Gladiator in your garage.

    please give me your opinion on matching colored fenders vs those black ones..... i mean other than what you obviously choose
  10. Employee pricing expiring in about a week

    Our story is the same. I've definitely found their bottom line is somewhere north of $35,000 cash for a Sport model. Shot down time and time again ( after the normal bait and switch routine, of course). In Texas, there seems to be a great shortage of Sports and Overlands. EVERYONE has 50 and...
  11. Best locate option ?

    type jeep dealers near town X. Then use the map to kinda zoom in on towns with populations that COULD support a Jeep dealer. i found two Punk'n Rubicons this way in the "smallest" of unknown Texas towns. Look especially on the outskirts of big towns and along major roads
  12. Sport or Sport S

    suspiciously missing from the window sticker under the heading CUSTOMER PREFERRED PACKAGE 24S was: remote keyless entry, security alarm and normal duty plus suspension
  13. So I bought one... anyone want to tell me what I bought exactly?

    I have an old Cherokee with manual windows and locks. I always found it was the lack of power LOCKS that sucked worse than roll up windows. It's no biggie to roll a window down, but to have to go around and lock or unlock 4 f-in doors is a huge PITA!
  14. Sport or Sport S

    Here's a mind bender: are all Customer preferred package 24S the same? I'm still shopping, and I've seen 24S' listed with mostly the same items, but not always. Some items have been omitted or added depending on one's point of view. I've noticed a similar phenomenon on what's sometimes listed...
  15. Too good to be true deals or dealer price gouging?

    Ummmm......I don't think one can say CHINESE math........I believe the correct term is ASIAN math......em kay? ( ;
  16. window sticker falmunction

    i didn't think about that. It shows: 7.0–Inch Radio Group Reconfigurable Cluster 7.0–Inch Color Display $995 Nevertheless, you may be onto something.
  17. Gladiator fuel overflowing.

    Yep overfilling my Renegade causes a check engine light to come on because of the evap canister
  18. New Gladiator Altitude Model Joins The Lineup

    Looks like Punk'n is gonkin'....too bad. I dig that color.
  19. This just in: employee pricing until August?

    Don’t worry.... so far the two dealers ive contacted don’t have it. “ it was canceled “.