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  1. Music in your Gladiator

    If you like those groups, you might like this: Or this:
  2. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    Since this topic is starting to get toxic, I'd like to dilute it with some things the engineers REALLY thought about and got right.* Like AWWW YESSS! right..... When I put a usb stick of music in, and set it to random, it remembers that, and doesn't play the same 11 songs in the same order...
  3. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    I think the dislike of the stop-start is more from the older crowd who had unreliable vehicles in their past. It's not the fuel consumption/no oil pressure etc. reasons that disturb me, it's the sinking feeling from years past of "oh crap! the engine just died!" Freaks me out.
  4. Dear Jeep - Things I Don't Like

    A proximity sensor on the tailgate for keyless entry. Move volume button on steering wheel to left side somewhere, it's redundant when it's 4 inches from the knob. Auto up power windows. Rear camera activation from steering wheel without needing aftermarket accessories. Off road gauges available...
  5. Porcupines eating my Gladiator !

    I bought a new Jeep, it sure was fine, but it got eaten by a porc-u-pine! It nibbled the heat shield, the brake lines, and tires, got up in the engine, and nibbled some wires.... Some people suggested I shoot it with lead, But if I summoned bears, then I'd be dead! So I threw some sticks at it...
  6. We need to talk about the “Jeep Wave”

    MMMII said: I propose the following “Wave Guidelines” because I do find it fun to be part of the ‘imaginary club’ but at the same time I’m too lazy to pay attention to every Wrangler and JT on the road. -Waves only apply to qualified vehicles in the oncoming lane next to yours as long as the...
  7. Fire extinguishers

    Velcroed to a homemade bracket on the drivers rear roll bar. Note: there are torx screws there to help with mounting stuff.
  8. Florida N-Fab Nerf Steps

    Will you take $175? I'll pick em up....
  9. Florida N-Fab Nerf Steps

    Where are you in Fla?
  10. Can I replace a 20 amp fuse with a 25?

    I wouldn't recommend it. Whatever is happening with your plug/socket to blow the fuse sounds like a direct short- and would blow a 25 amp as well. Your best bet is finding out why it is shorting out upon removal, and repair or replace that component.
  11. Gladiator Makes 2020 Hagerty Hot List of The 6 Collector Rides of the Future

    I think the one I bought might be a little unusual, the options seem to be a weird combination. For instance: It's an Overland, and came without side steps, and later a letter from FCA saying they forgot to put them on... and will I please go to the dealer and correct this omission ASAP.
  12. Thinking of taking off my steps - what do you call the "cover" that replaces them?

    Unless you are in central Florida where prices are wack. $600 on craigslist here. "If you own it, it's worthless...If I own it, it's priceless" Is our motto!
  13. DIY Headliners

    Cool. I'll have to get some of that. Thanks!
  14. DIY Headliners

    How's the double sided tape holding up? In the Florida heat it eventually gets gooey and melts off, or dries up into a powder. Maybe I should buy better quality tape....
  15. DuckingJeeps

    A bag of ducks. Eventually there's going to be a vulgar insult involving that phrase.
  16. Gladiator cloth seats comfort and overall?

    I sat in my overland for the first time and said "Oh yeah...this fits!" I never even adjusted it from the factory. We were made for one another.... Comfy.
  17. DuckingJeeps

    I know the # as an "octothorpe" since I work in the telephone industry.
  18. Groceries in the Bed

    The D rings with bungees are handy, but might hinder plywood hauling. (Which I would use a trailer for anyway)I might move them to the back.
  19. What’s Your Highest MPG Score?

    Mixed highway/rural/city 17.6-18 mpg, with a lead foot.