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  1. Gladiator JT VSS System - 30 WATT Hood Solar Panel

    Seems like a lot of coin for only 30 watts
  2. Ultimate Overlanding and Camping Power Source

    Mark- i applaud your jump into e business. I am interested and wondering if you could offer a unit without the sine inverter and 110 volt plugs? I don’t have more need than what the Jeep already offers and it should offer a lower price point.
  3. Does anyone know of a long range fuel tank?

    Well that depends a lot on wether you’re a weekend warrior or into long range overlanding... ‘’I am the latter and have driven many long trips (over 1000 miles) with little or no support, so yes additional fuel carried onboard makes a lot of sense. Just a case in point, I’m coming back from a...
  4. Alaska

    ‘We went from Tok to Fairbanks to the Ford dealer because an emission light came on (warranty fix) so didn’t take the Denali Highway. we went to Kennicott mines and found a great place to boondocks on the way right on a small lake. Caught a couple of trout for dinner! We made it to Valdez then...
  5. Alaska

    Yes we did! I’m in Denali as I write this. I managed to pick up a short consulting gig just outside of Fairbanks and the employer wrote the authorization letter so going across the Canadian border wasn’t a big deal. I did get some questions when they saw my truck camper but I explained that I...
  6. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Well I’m not able to get that high on this current trip but I did manage to drive to the Western most point in North my F-350..
  7. Where have you been all my life, Gladys?

    Sorry for the late reply. We’re in Alaska... Good choice with the aluminum one. Now see if you can flip the axles (put the axles below the spring) and put matching tires to your Glad.. That’s what I did
  8. Rhino Rack Batwing vs Alu-Cab 270 Shadow Awning

    Following to see what @steffen707 decides and then I’ll buy!
  9. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap

    call them with the panel measurements and ask them. They might just do it.
  10. Teccom Mud Flaps Install

    Nice- i’ve been wanting to get a set of flaps but they either look ridiculous or they’re way too expensive for a piece of plastic. Do you know if they’ll work on a real Jeep (I.e. Rubicon)? ;)
  11. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap

    My son got to play with mini guns mounted on Polaris razors downrange...3000 rounds per minute...nothing else comes close...
  12. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap

    I have a Rubicon with the LED lights but not the blind spot monitoring package.
  13. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap

    OK guys. Got my head above water (pun intended!) Here is the picture of how AVO wired the brake light. As you can see the blue wire is wired into the white wire and the brown wire is wired into the infamous green wire! @steffen707 what the previous picture showed is our boathouse. Here in the...
  14. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap

    On a side note... ‘’The Alu-Cab racks are great if you need to set up a clothes line in your garage..We are spraying our clothes with Permethrin to keep the skeeters away for our AK trip..
  15. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap

    Now you guys want Me to actually try and remove the brake light? ...I seriously have my plate full for the next couple of days cleaning debris from the flood we had so give me a few days..
  16. Max tow mud flaps

    What about these? Note it says this.. FITS: 2020+ Jeep Gladiator (JT) is available in base Sport, mid-level Sport S, luxurious Overland and off-road ready Rubicon. This REAR KIT includes 2...
  17. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap

    I just checked mine and the Alu-Cab light does not come on with the directional signals...
  18. Hauling Long Lumber

    16 foot long lumber is really too long for a five for bed, even with an extender. Maybe if you were only going a couple of miles, had the hitch extender and put a few bags of ready mix at the front of the bed you might be ok but it might be easier and certainly safer to rent a full size truck...
  19. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap

    I’ll have to check that out when I get home tomorrow. ‘Thanks!
  20. Daily cost of diesel vs gas?

    Hey guys- Let me bring another piece of information to the discussion. First off I have had many diesel vehicles and equipment as I owned a construction company so you know where my biases lie . For those of you concerned about the pump cost of diesel I found out about a program that is what...