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  1. AdvanTEC Axle

    I’d buy a dynatrac 44 over that
  2. Arizona Rebel Off Road Full Size XPLOR Rack

    im interested I’d love to see what you got unrelated but why did you sell the JT?
  3. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    octane red in the dodge brand and I believe red velvet in the grand Cherokee
  4. My 35 spline rear axle shaft install with ARB RD246

    Do the front replacement axles still have the same size u joints? Would RCVs with or without a fad delete be better?
  5. Changing an order

    A good paint shop should be able to paint your stock ones for not much coin. As far as Led lighting after seeing the stock LEDs and the Oracle brand ones, I’d suggest the Oracle personally. Adding the mopar brand headlights is also a lot harder in terms of wiring.
  6. Changing an order

    LED lighting isn’t an option on the sport
  7. Arizona Rebel Off Road Full Size XPLOR Rack

    How much higher than the roof does this stick up and is it compatible with any tonneau covers?
  8. Sting Gray Sport S w/ Max Tow is a good deal???

    Unless something has recently changed you can’t get max tow with body colored flares
  9. New 2021 colors

    Ok level with me here is this an old man burgundy vehicle or is it awesome in person? If it’s like Mazda red I’m sold
  10. True Frame-Mounted Rock Sliders?

    Thsn Thanks! what’s the weight with and without the optional skid plate?
  11. BAK x4 Revolver rolling tonneau Install and review

    How much to add those thule rack bars? And can the cross bars be exchanged? Also how far back toward the tailgate can they go? Thanks
  12. New 2021 colors

    Did you catch the paint code?
  13. New 2021 colors

    Where did you see that? Any others?
  14. Used Rubicon Buyback - San Diego

    If I was selling that car I’d say life is literally giving you lemons right now. Here’s your chance to make lemonade
  15. Wheel offset vs spare tire location

    Will the offset of the wheels I select affect how far down the tire/wheel combo hangs? Seem like wheel width might but tire width definitely will. Any thoughts?
  16. Did I just make a Mistake?

    You can’t beat Kent’s pricing. I know him and I trust him Did he really say 90 days?
  17. Update: Jeep Reveals V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept With Hemi

    They won’t be delivering broncos until April or may. Plenty of Time to get the v8 out