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  1. Thieves Use Proximity Key Fob Relays to Gain Access.

    Agreed - there's been several posts and some loooong threads on this exact thing, and there's been talk of it in general for years. There are multiple solutions to the problem, some could be used now if they wanted.
  2. Thieves Use Proximity Key Fob Relays to Gain Access.

    If someone wants something bad enough, they'll get it.
  3. Thieves Use Proximity Key Fob Relays to Gain Access.

    I can see them unlocking it if it has proximity locks, but to start it? Mine won't start if the fob isn't physically present in the vehicle - so unless they clone the fob and it's inside the perimeter of the antennas in the truck... If my fob falls between the seat and console, I can't start it...
  4. 2020 Hits 64K & blows

    Rod and main bearing problems are rare with these. You say Jeep knows what's going on but suggest it's a rod issue. There's no history of that. Lile Dave said - you can almost bet it's a cam and rocker issue. Best to not lump all engine problems together in the same bucket. Someone who...
  5. Good Bye Gladiator - Hello Grand Cherokee and Challenger

    I sold an AMC to help pay for my JT - does that count?
  6. Good Bye Gladiator - Hello Grand Cherokee and Challenger

    I see people saying the Gladiator isn't practical............... it's actually been more practical for me than I expected. It's a truck. I haul things, I tow things. I had a Silverado 1500 extended cab - it got worse fuel economy. Yes, it could tow more weight, but I don't need to tow more...
  7. Gorilla Glass Windshield Cracked For No Reason

    He'd never heard of a stress crack? Glued-in windshields (since the 1990s) can break just due to flexing of the windshield frame area.
  8. The leaking axle seal

    Yeah, what he said - except he's not meaning drain plug - drain is on the bottom. That looks like it's on the heavier side of some. If you can pull the fill/check plug, and reach it with your pinky finger, it's ok. If you can't reach it, add. No need to take it clear up to the hole.
  9. The good and the bad of a roots supercharger.

    I've mentioned that before, here, and in other places. Their list makes little sense. The JT has the same engine. And they also cover 2015 and 2014 as I recall - no VVL in those. That was introduced in the 2016 model year. Different cams, different rockers, different lash adjusters (lifters)...
  10. Can’t Align Upper Control Arms

    Is the differential way off center? Agreed, if it's hanging down - it takes some effort, shifting things back and forth, sometimes.
  11. Jeep dealership won't check mechanical damage until finished with body work

    Ugh, I'd never let anyone touch and part on that body until I knew the full extent of the damage to the mechanicals. Too late now, but I'd say - you will check the rest over, give a written document on all findings, and what you didn't find, and go from there. My take - their comment on...
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    In other "news" - gathering up parts and pieces to do things better when transferring parts. Will likely order some new bolts for the bumper, but decided to see how hard it would be to strip and prep some of the bolts and nuts that hold the ends on the steel bumper. I think they did cheap...
  13. Good Bye Gladiator - Hello Grand Cherokee and Challenger

    I understand your thinking. For me the JT was a bit of a compromise - but then when my wife suggested "so just go buy a lighter trailer" when I told her of the limited towing, that solved that. If I need to haul something big and heavy, I have trailers. So I'm fine there. Windshields - 29...
  14. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Another Overland in blue with a few more options. Getting the automatic transfer case, and the aux switches as I've been thinking about wiring a winch solenoid to switches. It's not bad opening the hood to turn the cut-off switch, but it would be nice to not have to.
  15. What Axles does my 22 Sport S Diesel have?!

    I can see a 6' tall chiller tower in the back of someone's Gladiator, water running down it, big squirrel cages forcing air through the fins.
  16. Air Conditioning Not Cold

    No fun, eh? We measured air coming through the evaporators of automotive AC we worked on and saw 37 without any problem. We had probes we put into the ducts and got the temperatures that way. In the 70s and 80s, temps in the upper 30s near the evap were not uncommon. I've frozen some...
  17. What's my Max Towing Capacity?

    With a tongue weight of 860 pounds, your camper then would figure 8600 pounds if you use the 10% of the total weight of camper and contents (water, baggage, food) Some say as high as 15%, but that's typically for trailers outside of this weight range. (lighter trailer as I recall) You could...
  18. What's my Max Towing Capacity?

    Airbags won't help the light front end. The weight on the back, behind the rear axle, is working to lift the front up. The rear axle is the fulcrum. All you'd do is lift the rear of the truck, it won't transfer any weight back to the front. Personally, I'd do the WDH first, then if it still...