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  1. Ordering Wrangler vs Gladiator?

    I definitely didn't buy it to tow. Mine's manual, and tops out at 4500 lbs, even if I wanted to. I bought it because I wanted a wrangler, but with a bed. The heaviest load I have to tow could be handled by our wrangler JKU or even our old compass or TJ. It's a sub-2000 lbs. VW. I just wanted the...
  2. Warm Inside ?

    Yes, same humidity here. Still not normal. I'm just one state above you, and am in Maryland at least a couple of times a week.
  3. The leaking axle seal

    Yours does appear to be a lot better than others who have had this issue. Mine was never that bad.
  4. Warm Inside ?

    I don't if it's the headliner or not, but I don't ever notice the interior being warm unless I don't have the ac on, or the roof or doors are off. Mine is ice cold (if I want it to be) in the dead of summer.
  5. The leaking axle seal

    Yes, sorry, meant the filler! Definitely not the drain plug 🤣
  6. The leaking axle seal

    Take the drain plug off. Does it drip out of the drain hole. Or does your finger touch fluid? I drove mine waiting on parts for probably a month/1200 miles or so, it never was low. I checked it every other day.
  7. Got rid of the butt ugly 4 wheel drive retro tailgate decal

    Where'd you get the one with the little jeep on it?
  8. Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival 2022

    I've always wanted to go since we had our TJ, so I'm going to try to convince the spousal unit. Never been, but it's been on my list for a few years..
  9. Each Gladiator Trim's Use Case

    That about covers it. I have a Rubicon by the way. :LOL:
  10. Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival 2022

    Could be fun. It's kind of a hike from my part of the state though. About a 3 hour drive.
  11. Ordering Wrangler vs Gladiator?

    If you get a JT, throw some 35s on it, if you're really just looking for the XR, but want a gladiator. They'll fit, with no lift on the JTR. If you want the lift that the XR comes with, you can throw a small spacer lift on the JT for cheap, or go with a full lift kit. We have both, sort of, the...
  12. Who has gone front bumper-less?

    I'd imagine my factory steel bumpers would be no fun for a pedestrian. I know the steel bumpers are a no go in Europe. I guess in the US, they get a pass since they are factory, even in those states. As strict as Pennsylvania is, other than height, and just presence, they don't really care what...
  13. Gladiator vs. Scout?

    They aren't that different. My parents' Cayenne is a whole lot similar to a Touareg and a Q7. My GLI was very similar to an A3. Except for the boxer-engined Porsche sports cars, and the Audi R8 (which shares a lot with Lamborghini), they are cut from the same cloth.
  14. Ugly or no?

    Looks good! All of our trucks look weird to the normals anyway!
  15. Determining correct tire pressure for larger

    That's because you have the "D".:LOL:
  16. Each Gladiator Trim's Use Case

    The tow rating isn't on the door jamb sticker. Payload is.
  17. VW is bringing back the Scout!

    Well this is going to be an ev, so, no pumping water! I do enjoy an air-cooled VW, though (I don't hate the water-cooled ones either).
  18. 14-BS Motorcycle Battery Experiment

    Where does one purchase "the book"? I used to buy Haynes and Chiltons manuals for everything.
  19. Walmart sale 315/70r17- No longer on sale...

    The spare wheel is the exact same size as all the others. It's just steel.