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  1. North Carolina Steel Bumper close out panels

    I installed these on my mopar bumper and they are fantastic, really give a clean and finished look and for the price are a bargain.
  2. Ok who did this? NSFW language

    Looked like he solved the wandering issue, it looked to be tracking nice and straight
  3. 39s are the new 35

    I'd love a set of those 39's...if i could ever find one that isnt months and months of back order
  4. Anyone has jeep refuse warranty work with out having receipts for oil changes

    The free carfax that you get with the jeep vehicle actually lets you upload receipts for services you've performed. I take advantage of that personally.
  5. Does anyone know how to get the stench of rotten whalemeat out of a Gladiator?

    I've heard smell and capability go together, even in death the whale knew which one is better.:rock:
  6. Does anyone know how to get the stench of rotten whalemeat out of a Gladiator?

    It's all fun and games until your car smells like deceased sea mammal. I will wish the op good luck though my parents had a small bit of pig blood soak in to their hummer after picking up a whole pig to roast. A few years later I still tey not to ride in the meat wagon as it makes me want to barf
  7. Does JL Wrangler grille fit on my Gladiator Sport?

    Unless you are towing heavy weight up high grades in really hot temps the jl grill won't cause any issues.
  8. New Lite Brite vid at Moab with some JT action.

    I saw the AMW 707's at jeep beach, those are 197K dollar trucks for the hellcat swapped. Basically new trans, reinforced frames, new engine, all new wiring, 1 ton axles, lockers, etc etc etc. They said it takes 200+ man hours to do the full conversion.
  9. Frankinlift choices

    Makes sure you call synergy, when I looked at them to make my frankenlift their springs are based on a JL, not a gladiator which means their measurements dont actually match up.
  10. Cooler doesnt fit with tonneau cover

    I have the red version of that one and it fits under my access loredo soft cover as well.
  11. Rear Sway Bar Reinforcement

    Seemed to be enough, I was on 3 wheels with a rear hanging at Jeep Beach this weekend.
  12. Falcon Shocks Availability?

    I actually talked to the falcon guys at Jeep Beach. They said the issue is the aluminum shock caps that's holding up all the production
  13. Continuing the earned name of "Eco-Boom"?

    Fully agree, I honestly don't put much worth in either one, and realistically most major brands are all fairly reliable beyond first couple years of any new tech. I only really pointed to it because Jet kept on trying to claim that Ford was some well known reliability power house.
  14. Continuing the earned name of "Eco-Boom"?

    Jd power isn't really about reliability, rather how much customers complain. Things like carplay connectivity, infotainment too hard to understand, voice commands confusing all are considered "problems" which skew the numbers heavily versus actual reliability.
  15. Continuing the earned name of "Eco-Boom"?

    Would like to point out that Ford was ranked below Chrysler in latest ranking from consumer reports, and Lincoln came in last place. In 2020 Ford was 28th out of 31 so no, Ford is not known for major reliability in new vehicles. The Ford of this decade is not the Ford of the late 90s and early...
  16. Rear Sway Bar Reinforcement

    I shoe horned the heat shield back on as well, when I installed it, was easy enough. I have no idea what torque is on those 2 upper bolts so I just kinda gave it 4 or so ugga duggas from my mid torque and set the sway bar end links to 60.
  17. Jefe’s Gladiator Rubicon EcoDiesel

    The bfg 39s are 38.5 x 13.5 and about 38 mounted by most accounts should get me not quite another inch of ground clearance and .5 an inch farther out. They're also fairly light though (80 pounds) so they don't bring the 40s penalty.
  18. Baja Boss AT Availability and decision time.

    Local shop is on a different distribution network, most likely 4wp has them in their warehouse versus the standard tire network. Always check places like tire rack, simple tire, discount tire, tire buyer, and then the off road shops as well if you're looking for stock as i've found they all have...
  19. May this is a stupid question , ENABLE THE WI‑FI HOTSPOT?

    You can actually just enable the car wifi from the uconnect. Turn it on, it gives you a website to go to and sign up with, then you can enable it via that. (I have the 8.4, this may be different on other uconnects) LTE is plenty fast and what the majority of us are still on most of the time as...
  20. Jefe’s Gladiator Rubicon EcoDiesel

    I didnt, i'm still running the generals, but I'm probably going to be moving ko2 39's in the future. Waiting for availability, and then these will go to my parents new gladiator they are ordering from gupton. I will say, if general made a bigger option i'd be all in, I absolutely love these...