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  1. One year later

    Yes a launch edition Crystal grey . I like this color too .
  2. One year later

    Here some pictures
  3. One year later

    Hello everyone , happy Sunday y’all hope you enjoyed it will enjoy this day … got few times to finally do my one year later post pretty super happy with the JT . I love almost everything in this Jeep . As I probably already said if I had one big complain to express it will definitely about...
  4. Lift installed + dealer alignment…. Not the best job 😂

    based on your testimony, i become more and more convinced they are just good to sell overpriced things to fancy guys who wants tolook free and wild with stock Jeep's ... at least her in belgium. :) will do the same as you. on both topic because i also have this little squizzy noise in the rear...
  5. Lift installed + dealer alignment…. Not the best job 😂

    Hi guys , after installing my Clayton off-road 2.5 inch overland lift , I decided to go at the dealer for a proper alignment… as you can see on the picture annd video … not what I exactly name à perfect job . isnt Better tovisit someone specialized in jeep customization instead official...
  6. Who else is happy with the Pentastar?

    kinda happy too. smooth engine works great and if I had to complain about something it would be not torquy enough at low rpm. would be awesome to have few buckets of torque more.
  7. Upgraded Comfort without sacrificing safety>> Recaro Seats with airbags

    woaw thats a hell of an upgrade . absolutely love it . congrats
  8. DAVECS1 TUNES Now Officially offering Supercharger Tune Support!!!

    what a great news. now since we have someone like Dave for the support i can definitely consider the Mag Thanks a lot Dave
  9. Wierd button under steering wheel

    The fog light is almost twice more powerful than the rear tail lights . You know Europe and his weird and specials rules …. Good or not I don’t know it’s just the law .
  10. Wierd button under steering wheel

    😂😂😂😂😂 because it’s the law . I guess it’s a matter of road safety
  11. Wierd button under steering wheel

    yes it’s also an option. But sadely they are only 4 aux . If it was like the Bronco with 6 you can definitely use one for the rear fog light . 4 isn’t really a lot . I think the proper option would be to use the EU OEM light switch with the double fog logo and made a clean wire connection . But...
  12. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    aaaaah my savior i'm thinking about that and now finally a genius did it. cant wait to see if paddle shifter works and how you did it . Bravo
  13. Wierd button under steering wheel

    Totally agree . Not a nice work . But I will fix it soon . Hopefully they didn’t put it in the middle of the dashboard 😂 can you imagine we don’t even have Rubicon in EU gladiator. Only sport Sahara and overland
  14. Wierd button under steering wheel

    In my case because I didn’t want a Diesel engine . Too expansive fuel costs ( 7.19$/gal compare to 2.64$/gal for LPG)and EU version is absolutely ugly with Liz fenders and disgusting front bumper and small tires
  15. Wierd button under steering wheel

    and flop sadely nope its not a eject seat switch or a adding 2 cylinder option :)
  16. Wierd button under steering wheel

    its why non official importers install this shit here in belgium. i have the same ugly switch and im pissed because i think they could do something better
  17. Wierd button under steering wheel

    it's a switch for rear fog lights (mandatory in Belgium ) and this switch is the perfect example of how greedy importers makes even more money on your back here... its coupled with a AliExpress cheap light for fog light and reverse light. something you can find for 5$ max . when you know that...
  18. Wierd button under steering wheel

    it's your rear fog light. switch it on an go check under the tailgate and magic its red :-)
  19. Retractable running boards

    hi Dave sorry for late answer been a bit out of network :-) thanks for your answer i will check the battery an also check if my lube fits with the specs. and also it still time , happy an fructuous year