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  1. Dedicated Jeep Showrooms Are Coming

    How very Volkswagen of them.... That being said I think it is a great idea, car brands always have better success when they build a community around the product, Jeep seems to have already done that, adding Showrooms that focus on that community and heritage will help it continue to grow.
  2. Wait for Mid-Cycle-Update (2024MY)?

    Don't take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you are trying to talk yourself out of pulling the trigger. If you want the truck, go get the truck at 6% below invoice. It's still going to lose value regardless, but you will have 2 years to have fun in it before they refresh. And honestly what...
  3. Never want to assume

    Should be, yes. Freedom tops are interchangeable.
  4. JT: Reliability

    Thanks, I am using a stock apple Cable, but USB-A and not the USB-c. I had the issue when i first got the truck with an aftermarket cable and iPhone XS, I switched to the stock cable and it worked fine. Since I had gotten the iphone 13 pro i have had nothing but issues. Thats with a stock apple...
  5. JT: Reliability

    18k miles, Mojave. Radio Replaced @ 6k, Axle Seal leak @12k, Ever since the axle seal and axle replacement there has been an obnoxious creaking when going over any road imperfections at lower speeds, like the control arm bushings are crying for help. I am not sure if those needed to get...
  6. Apple Car Play Connection

    Having the same problem and its annoying as hell. Center console worked great with an apple cable up until November of 2021. I dont know if it was an update at that time but it drops when doing anything other than just playing music. I personally hate the way they designed the ports on the dash...
  7. Overland vs Mojave

    No you didnt get a lemon, Mojave ride is stiff as f*ck. I test drove an Overland and fell in love with the gladiator. However, typical me cant have just the middle of the road model and I hemmed and hawwed over the two top end models. I special ordered the Mojave because of the better shocks and...
  8. Thoughts from a new Gladiator (and Jeep) owner after a 1100 mile drive home.

    Congrats on the new Rig. Mojave is the best riding of all the Gladiators, I love mine. #1 Apple Car play used to be great, and was like a slimmed down version of your phone on the dash. However recent changes made (by apple) to the music app and other things have made it difficult to not pick...
  9. Backup Camera - Plate lights and screen brightness severely impair outside visibility

    Thanks! I will try that and see how it works out. who would’ve known RTFM…..
  10. Backup Camera - Plate lights and screen brightness severely impair outside visibility

    But how does that impact screen visibility during daylight use? DO you have to keep adjusting brightness between daytime and nighttime?
  11. Backup Camera - Plate lights and screen brightness severely impair outside visibility

    I would like to use the screen in conjunction with my windows and mirrors. But I could try that when backing up in darker areas. Thanks
  12. Backup Camera - Plate lights and screen brightness severely impair outside visibility

    I know it has been brought up many times about the license plate lights washing out the image in the backup camera. But has anyone else noticed that the screen itself reverts to daytime brightness when in reverse and backup camera mode? Am I the only one that finds this to be extremely...
  13. (Solved) Dealer Deposit Refund on Botched Order

    Did you check MA state laws on this? I was always told that they had to refund deposits due to that, but I may be wrong. I try to avoid the large dealer networks in MA they all suck. That and I never go East of 495, past experiences have taught me that… I ordered my Jeep from a small dealer in...
  14. How do you all keep from wanting??

    I ordered mine exactly how I would want it. Well close to at least, I wanted Gator but I ordered 2 days after the 20-21 switch, so I went with Sting Grey. Other than that everything is exact, and if I get the tickle in my pickle for some new limited edition color I remember all the little things...
  15. Software Update Today, Do I Need to Keep The Gladiator in “Run?”

    I unmarried the Tazer prior to update to avoid any potential issues.
  16. Doors Off Mirrors

  17. Doors Off Mirrors

    Do you have a link for the mirrors that you used on the vents? I was thinking of doing the same thing but can only find mirrors with bezels, or large backing plates that would interfere with the rotation of the vent.
  18. Massachusetts WTT - Looking for anyone who would be interested in trading their Steel Grey Leather (Mojave) for Mojave Cloth seats and $$

    bump - 9k now and maybe one little accidental ripper the morning after a PBR bender, But still flawless otherwise. There was so much hate for the steel grey interior, surely someone wants some cash to unload it??
  19. Is this noise normal?

    Mine makes the exact same noise, I think its normal for the gladiator.
  20. What have you MADE for your Gladiator?

    This is great! Would you be willing to post a "how to" thread for the rest of us?