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  1. Baja Designs discount?

    Do we have a forum member discount code for Baja Designs lights or from one of our other site sponsors? I am looking to spend a small pile of cash on LED off road and fog lights. I didn’t know about the member discounts and missed out on using them with Clayton Off Road and AWE exhaust. I...
  2. Pennsylvania Sold: Sunrider Fliptop for Hardtop by Mopar - NIB

    Brand new in box. Willing to work with buyer on meet up PA, NJ, Delaware. According to the window sticker it was $895, according to the info below it’s on sale for $835. I’m asking $750.
  3. Pennsylvania Hard Tri-fold Tonneau Cover - Mopar $650

    Mopar Hard Tri-fold Tonneau cover - used Since January 2022 (came as a dealer installed accessory). Includes all mounting hardware. I am located in Montgomery county PA and can be flexible at meeting up in PA, NJ, Delaware to deliver. See below for details. in like new condition. Asking $750
  4. Violation Report: Rubi-wannabe spotted!

    I hand washed my new Gladiator last weekend for the first time and discovered some pretty bad paint issues, so I dropped it off this morning at the dealer for some paint correction work. All the way there I imagined what kind of cool Jeep they might put me in as my loaner for the day - and...
  5. Opa’s HA build

    I am now standing squarely in the place so many of you have been before - I have owned my Jeep for a couple weeks and the first of many upgrades happened today. Technically, the first upgrade happened last weekend but that was just weather tech floor mats front and rear so nothing really...