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  1. Waterproof summer top that’s easily removable - options?

    After 4,657,127,894,657 hours I think I’ve come to the conclusion there’s no options. I’ve searched, googled and looked all over the internet and this forum. Outside of the Sun top, Mopar soft top and possibly a Bestop cable style bikini top with extra door surrounds. There are essentially zero...
  2. PRP Mojave Seat Covers

    Take this for what’s it’s worth. 🤞 I asked about Mojave and 4XE covers
  3. 😮 Finally another soft top! Rugged Ridge

    I’ve never seen this before and 4WP says it’s new. This is perfect!! It’s like a soft top and bestop all in one. Plus it’s comparably cheap!
  4. Lift not level?

    So I did the AEV 2” lift and then got 35’s and new rims. I thought I was crazy and my wife insisted I was. But I took a photo today and the passenger side looks low. I tossed a level on and I’m not crazy, it’s not a ton but it’s 1/8-1/4” off. The spring spacers look sat correctly, what else...
  5. Rocky Mountain High Mojave

    Well…I never thought this would be me but here I find myself excited to talk about it. Backstory I ordered my Mojave in September of 2021 and picked it up in October from Gupton. Drove it back through Tennessee, St Louis, and Kansas.
  6. Do Black Rhino rims ever go on sale?

    It’s all in the title. I’ve looked at 14 million different ones and for some reason theirs just always bring me back to what I like. Or discount/4 wheel parts etc ever include them in anything?
  7. Colorado Sold: Gladiator Mojave rims and Tires

    Looking to sell stock Mojave rims and tires. 285/70/17 Falken wild peaks with about 2,200 miles on them with stock rims, all black not the polished outer edges. Can get pictures if need be. $1,300 OBO.
  8. Stupid question for a stupid mistake

    Installing my 2” lift I wasn’t paying attention and I grabbed SAE hex bit for the shock relocation brackets and they’re metric. I went and got a set in MM but unfortunately the damage to the hex was done from trying to tighten and they are required to be torqued. Can I replace these bolts with...
  9. Jack points front and rear

    I searched here and on the internet but can’t get a solid answer. I want to install the AEV spacer lift. Where do I Jack from in the front and rear? Admittedly I have not looked under the Jeep yet, was just wondering if there was an approved location.
  10. Lift questions for Mojave

    I’m considering lifting it and adding 35’s. First things first, I don’t care if you think I should have bought a Rubicon over a Mojave if I chose to lift it. I bought it, I like it, move on if that’s your contribution here. I’ve googled and tried to read for the last 3 days and I haven’t gotten...
  11. 2022 Bronco Raptor

    Anybody seen this fat pig with its last minute, tack on trash can looking fender flares? Starts at 70K. I think it looks completely ridiculous and I’d buy three Wrangler 392’s before I paid 70K for that thing. The interior is nicer though because of course Ford put some effort into that models...
  12. Gorilla Glass Windshield Cracked For No Reason

    I’m pretty pissed off right now considering I paid extra for the GG windshield. We finally got snow for pretty much the first time in Colorado. So I’m driving around and had the heat on the windshield to warm it and remove some ice. I pull into a parking lot and I’m going 5MPH and it just pops...
  13. Off road PSI

    Hey, really stupid question. So I’m about to roll out and run some off road trails this morning, this is not something I’ve ever done before. They’re standard wheels so not bead locks or anything like that. Is it critical I air down the tires and how far do you generally go? Or can I just leave...
  14. Allow me to (re)Introduce myself

    Hey everyone, Well I did it. I picked up the gladiator and I drove her home 1,200 miles from Monday-Wednesday through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas. Beautiful country (until Kansas 🤮), great ride and super comfy over 16 hours. Here she is and some photos along the way...
  15. What should my first song be in my Gladiator. No I don’t want your recommendations (POLL)

    I cannot decide what it should be I and no I’m not looking for recommendations lol.
  16. Any Jeep rebates?

    Anyone ever seen or heard of the rebates coming out from a dealer, insider etc prior to the start of the next month? I’m between lock in September and gamble on October. I imagine they’d go up later in the model year but I don’t want to completely miss out either.
  17. Door hanger recommendations

    I checked around but the only thing I saw mentioned really was ARC? Anyone use this style? Pros? Cons? New to this so I don’t know what works and doesn’t work yet.
  18. Help me understand how to Jeep

    Hey everyone so sounds like my build is progressing through the ranks and should be here hopefully soon! As someone who loves to work on stuff and builds things with my hands I’m ecstatic at the opportunity to buy something where the aftermarket is so deep. That’s where I get confused. I’m...
  19. RIPP Coil Packs

    Hey everyone, I searched but didn’t see any forum posts. Anyone tried these yet? All the reviews are positive but I’m always...
  20. Summer shut down?

    I just ordered a Gladiator yesterday but noticed that they’re in the midst of a summer shut down the next 2 weeks. Does that mean everything is halted, including assigning vin numbers? Just curious because I sneaked in before 2022 was shown because I want it sooner but if they’re not doing...