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  1. Chewing gum in rear vent

    I have had good luck with a steam cleaner on carpet, might work here.
  2. Weird tire wear.....

    Mine started to wear like this recently which spurred the most recent rotation, I have not experienced this wear pattern before, also after I rotated they were extremely loud for a week or two.
  3. Let’s see your cockpit view!

    Kinda hard to follow this
  4. 392 XR wheels on JTR

    You are absolutely correct when - is not specified because the word offset is used, when you say offset to me I already make the correction in my mind to add the - if I am trying to be correct. But there are times when you need to specify. a positive offset can be desired. so perhaps I need to...
  5. 392 XR wheels on JTR

    You are probably right, the video backs you up, and make perfect sense. I should link this video to the tire guy, and send it to ICON so they can fix their website. I have -6mm offset wheels on order. Certainly don't want the wrong ones...
  6. 392 XR wheels on JTR

    I guess we are both really misleading, offset is usually always - and backspace is +.. Because if you think about it, why would the offroad wheels suck up under the truck more then the stock 0mm offset wheels?
  7. 392 XR wheels on JTR page 15 -12mm offset Page 15 as well. -12mm offset
  8. 392 XR wheels on JTR

    A few of them list it when you click on more info, but I believe most of them are -12mm offset. Which ones were you wondering about specifically?
  9. Oil change

    Can't get one by you can we.
  10. Oil change

    Yeah it says 5.7 quarts but I have never put more then 5 in. Measure what you pull out, put in 5 and check it. Mileage will vary I guess.
  11. 392 XR wheels on JTR getting the 17x8.5 "off road" wheel in June myself. Mopar makes some great wheels, or they contract out some great wheels.
  12. Disable honking when stepping out while engine is running

    pretty sure I saw on a JScan or tazer mini PDF, cannot remember but there was an option for disabling keyfob leaving the vehicle notifications, it didn't say horn but I just assumed, I cannot find the thread but it was on this forum. n It was right next to adding trigger the alarm on hood open...
  13. Anyone replaced their front brake pads yet?

    Just did my second tire rotation at 23k, if you use a flashlight and look down the rotor the pads looked worn and in need of service, but looking back on the caliper and actually seeing the pad profile, those things looked brand new. I do not see myself doing them before at least 50k at this rate.
  14. Jeep Igloo Playmate Coolers Collaboration Now Available

    Wow! it might cost $.75 to make these coolers too. Yeti own igloo now?
  15. Anyone hacked off the 2 mufflers ?

    I cannot recommend the Dynomax Quiet Crawler more. It has no more drone then the OEM, it consists of SS resonator and turbo muffler and the hangers keep it all between the frame rails. The biggest deal though was no more drone. My choice if they were both available would be a gladiator...
  16. Leveling a Rock Krawler 3 Inch Lift?

    I am not wearing my flame proof underoos so be gentle, but what is the personal hate with a front bias rake?
  17. Custom Hydro Dipped Topography Dash Panels

    Those look amazing. very nice.
  18. Anyone hacked off the 2 mufflers ?

    Also to chime in on the rough idle sound. Mine did that as well my first setup was a Magnaflow straight through system with a muffler and one of their race resonators, sounded the best by far but at 68-75 mph in 8th I was going insane from the drone. Cold start sounded mean and it would idle...
  19. Anyone hacked off the 2 mufflers ?

    So I too went through several exhaust configurations, but each one when I got a decent sound (as good as the v6 gives) I gained a huge amount of drone. What I ultimately did was piece build the Dynomax quiet crawler exhaust. Every site and physical muffler shop on the planet was either sold...