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  1. lets talk air hoses

    I’m curious to hear what size air tank you end up fitting.
  2. Floor mats, don't bother to read unless you want to laugh at my idiocy.

    Thanks for this tip! I had left the plug underneath the mat but this makes a lot more sense.
  3. Volcano Rated Hawaii Jeep

    Totally. TeraFlex seems rocksolid to me. The only other one that makes me almost second-guess myself is Clayton, but I’m totally happy so far. This is my first lifted Jeep and also the first time I’ve had adjustable shocks. It’s a lil bit more wobbly going down the road and I definitely prefer...
  4. Volcano Rated Hawaii Jeep

    I’m really loving it. Still getting used to the way it handles and figuring out how I want to adjust the shocks. TeraFlex support seems really easy to deal with and quick to respond so far too. Here’s my flex test in the jungle this morning and text exchange with my youngest daughter who is not...
  5. Faulty Teraflex Tie Rod Boot?

    That’s super helpful. Mahalo!
  6. Faulty Teraflex Tie Rod Boot?

    Here is my amateur-hour mechanic job. I tightened up those big jam nuts and now we wait for the blue loctite to dry. I refilled the rubber boot with grease and zip-tied it until the replacement spring ring comes in the mail. Thanks again @TeraFlex for jumping in so quick with help! I have a...
  7. Volcano Rated Hawaii Jeep

    Installed a Black Armour bed mat today and tested it out with some cocos from the yard. This thing seems really tough. I'll bet it lasts as long as my Jeep!
  8. Dedicated Jeep Showrooms Are Coming

    It would be cool if they set up a driveable obstacle course and make something like your favorite off road shop with tons of expensive toys to ogle. The REI flagship store in Denver comes to mind.
  9. Faulty Teraflex Tie Rod Boot?

    Thanks @TeraFlex for your reply. It's very cool that you guys are active in this forum!
  10. Faulty Teraflex Tie Rod Boot?

    Thanks for the great replies guys. Are we talking about the large jam nuts on the main tie rod shaft or the nut above the rubber boot?
  11. Faulty Teraflex Tie Rod Boot?

    I went off road yesterday for the first time with my newly installed @TeraFlex outfit and when I returned home I noticed that my steering stabilizer is tilted forward at an odd angle toward the front on the vehicle. Upon closer inspection I see the the rubber boot on the tie rod end (driver's...
  12. Axle Locker Sensor Issue - Repair Kit Fix Released for JT / JL!

    Hey would you guys mind taking a look at my related thread to get your advice?
  13. Axle Lock Sensor Failure

    I just received my '22 Gladiator back from having a 4.88 re-gear done and now I'm getting a warning light for axle lock failure. The 4x4 shop that did the re-gear is telling me to buy the Z Locker dongles to overcome this issue. I've seen a few threads in this forum dating back a couple of years...
  14. The time has come…

    Yes, with only one exception, they haven’t pushed back at all. If they do, that’s a big red flag and I’d move on.
  15. The time has come…

    Call a sales manager at a reputable dealership and introduce yourself. Ask for their email address and tell them you will send them a build summary from When you send it to them, attach your discount code and say something like: “I've attached the Jeep Gladiator build summary from...
  16. Sting-Gray manual JTR build - Clayton 3.5", Falcon Adjustable shocks, Warn Winch, Rock Slide Engineering steps, etc...

    Rad Jeep! Hey, what did you use the Warn power isolator for? I had Rebel Off Road install mine with the intention of using it as a child-proof switch so that nobody messes with the Winch. They called Warn and heard that they don't recommend wiring it up to the in-cab Aux switches, but to use the...
  17. Front license plate state and winch bumper

    I have the Warm winch plate too, but I ordered the Maximus-3 stealth plate to see how that looks. I’m not crazy about the way the Warn plate leaves it hanging loose on the bottom.
  18. Order process start to finish. How long did it take yours?

    Totally worth the wait to get exactly what you want! I actually appreciated the long wait toward the end because it let me think things through carefully and eliminate some bad ideas I was stuck on about aftermarket mods.
  19. Order process start to finish. How long did it take yours?

    I ordered my gladiator January 1 and arrive almost exactly 3 months later at the dealership. It was fully loaded with bells and whistles though so that might be why it took a while.
  20. Whats the best color combo?

    Could be they got it right the first time with green and black.