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  1. (I don’t like) Pina Colada’s and being caught in the rain

    :LOL: Been there, done that (maybe more than once)!
  2. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    My 2 boys so they could drop their jeeps off at @Discount Tire for rotations and balance. :like:
  3. Compressor Recommendation

    Smittybilt has a 5.65cfm pump that I have used for years now with no issues.
  4. Second Hand JT

    I had a friend get one (pre Westin ownership) and it was a total dud. Glad to hear a good story
  5. PRP Seat Covers for the Mojave

    Need a free day to get mine put on, although not a Mojave
  6. Second Hand JT

    and most importantly, the perfect color combination!
  7. Second Hand JT

    This is what I used. Can is probably a couple of years old because I bought it for some part installs on my sons hydro blue JK.
  8. Second Hand JT

    Up next Worked with forum sponsor @RealTruck to get a great deal on this winch.
  9. Monstaliner diy bed liner

    I like the spice and it would make a great and unique accent color for other stuff too.
  10. Monstaliner diy bed liner

    Monstaliner is awesome stuff. I like the extreme contrast.
  11. Building a Mojave on 40's

    Are you planning any kind of skid for the portion of bed left unprotected? Like to look of that Artec bumper but I'm leaning toward the Motobilt or NVM due to the built in bed protection.
  12. Second Hand JT

    Fun with paint
  13. Second Hand JT

    Appreciate it! It’ll be as cool as yours someday.
  14. JT Pritchett Canyon Front Bumper

    Might be. I hope to replace them with some OEM LEDs They are ok but the beam pattern is a little poor.
  15. JT Pritchett Canyon Front Bumper

    Not sure on the headlights. They were in it when I got it.
  16. JT Pritchett Canyon Front Bumper

  17. Second Hand JT

    I like it!!!! Beautiful welds and tons of tire clearance.
  18. Second Hand JT

    Sanded and prepped for a coat of Steel-It tomorrow
  19. Second Hand JT

    Artec, just slightly trimmed
  20. Second Hand JT

    Thanks man!