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  1. An introduction to RSi.

    This is exactly the same boat I am in, the dealer stopped responding to monthly check-ins in March. :headbang:
  2. Upgraded Comfort without sacrificing safety>> Recaro Seats with airbags

    Might be able to find some of these seats from salvage yards, would be more cost effective.
  3. Upgraded Comfort without sacrificing safety>> Recaro Seats with airbags

    Good eye! The are the same shape and ergonomics but with more adjustability. Photo from my D2, no longer own.
  4. Upgraded Comfort without sacrificing safety>> Recaro Seats with airbags

    @Rusty PW isn't far off... the seats with Airbags are about $4,700 ea and then there are import duties+ shipping + brackets. Having just drove two back to back 12 hour days I can say these seats changed my life. If there was real interest in the seats I could look into importing a bunch...
  5. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

  6. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Are you going to Jeep Beach?
  7. The Gladiator key...why? AJT Design solutions

    The factory fob is the devil reincarnate! :devil: Thank goodness for the Threedom fobs!! Less weight, less mass, more cool!
  8. Functional Mojave hood scoop

    Like many other projects, I am driven by my OCD. I have wished the Mojave hood scoop was functional and I have scanned my hood and engine bay to begin the design process. My current plan is to design a duct to tie the hood scoop into the factory air box. Will it create more power? Probably not...
  9. Selec-Trac Transfer Case Swap - Myth Busted

    Going the other way should be pretty easy. Swap the transfer case, controller, shift knob and update the BCM. I'll confirm this once I'm finished with the swap.
  10. Selec-Trac Transfer Case Swap - Myth Busted

    These are the non-wide track cv shaft part numbers: 68403881AA Axle Shaft, Left 68394142AA Axle Shaft, right These will not work with a Mojave, Rubicon, or max tow.
  11. Upgraded Comfort without sacrificing safety>> Recaro Seats with airbags

    From Day 1, I never loved the factory Gladiator seats, I have gone back and forth regarding airbags and ultimately decided to get aftermarket seats with side airbags. I finally got some time to install my Recaro Ergomed ES SAB seats. Airbags + Electric + comfort = Heaven. I am approaching the...
  12. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    It would be great to connect, I will send you a PM. You are welcome to visit our facility if you're ever in central MN.
  13. Minnesota Hamburger Supercharger Kit - Price Drop $3,250

    Major price drop to $3250
  14. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    I purchased an FCA Micropod II and subscribed to Witech & Tech Authority (both required to access and program the computers). I have been poking around in the modules and have learned that the Witech for the aftermarket is not as feature-rich as the dealer subscription. I am not able to add...
  15. Minnesota AWE Trail Exhaust $475

    Price Drop :)
  16. Selec-Trac Transfer Case Swap - Myth Busted

    Seriously, get out of my head 🤣🤣. I started searching for the terminals this morning to create a harness. I figure at this point I have all the other components I need.....however the last thing I need is another pet project but we'll see where this goes.
  17. Selec-Trac Transfer Case Swap - Myth Busted

    The stepper motor is what modulates the clutch or friction plates when the transfer case is in 4 auto. It's a bit of a misnomer as a shifter but that's the terminology the wiring diagram uses. Or perhaps there is a secondary shifter in the Selec-trac trans case?
  18. Selec-Trac Transfer Case Swap - Myth Busted

    $500 - $800 depending on whether you swap with factory or aftermarket OE. I wasn't able to find the Mopar passenger axle so I went aftermarket. No significant differences in quality or workmanship except the aftermarket boot would not fit through the steering knuckle without removing the...
  19. Selec-Trac Transfer Case Swap - Myth Busted

    Yes. I installed the CV axles and they fit like a charm. Just make sure you get the right length (for you the wide track D44). I am glad I swapped the axles, no more binding in 4x4.
  20. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I kinda figured, I am still surprised they didn't make a removable cap. I am going to, I even thought about lights but I will keep it simple for now. The likely hood for me to need a hi-lift jack location is nil.