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  1. iphone car mount

    Quadlock Wireless charger
  2. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Adding electronic swaybar to mine Overland. Bypassing the canbus stuff. Done with bench testing, just waiting on some wires.
  3. Updated - Gladiator EcoDiesel Bottoming Out Poll 2 - Spring Part Numbers

    Sounds like the fix is firmer shocks and shorter bump stops. Folks in this forum were right all along lol. Clearly Jeep's engineers didn't fully tested the diesel before mass produce.
  4. Leaking axle seal?

    It's normal to have some in and out axle play (approx. 1 mm). The bearing race/cup isn't pressed fits, can easily spin with just one finger. In short, it's a non preloaded bearing design. Imo. It's very important to tights the retainer plate bolts evenly when installing the axle. Even with the...
  5. Walmart sale 315/70r17- No longer on sale...

    Congrats guys/gals. It's a great deal 👍🏼
  6. Diesel Gladiator owners with upgraded gearing ONLY please...

    I think it's all come down to driving styles. Some prefer to drive it like an SUV off the line and others might just taking it easy off the line. For me, i knew right away, within a couple miles that i needed to regear. I lost 2.5 mpg with the 37s and gained .5 mpg back after regeared.
  7. Moved up to 37s, now have vibration?

    Before you throw more money at it. Have DT tried static balance? I also has the Borah wheels, but with 37s tires. Dynamic balance gave me a nearly 12" strip of weights on all four wheels and vibrates badly anything above 50mph. With static balance performed, it's back to driving with two fingers...
  8. Walmart sale 315/70r17- No longer on sale...

    Dang. Five tires is cheaper than just one of mine 37" tire. Usually i would be all over this, but the Jeep god said to only goes bigger lol
  9. California ‘21 JTRD Rubicon Sway Bar

    Is tgis still available?
  10. Vibration from 20-25 mph on 37s, common issue?

    I didn't read through the thread, but mine 37s were shimmering until DT performed a static balance. I think the big tires are throwing off the Dynamic balancing.
  11. Moved up to 37s, now have vibration?

    Mine 37s also vibrates above 50mph until DT performed static balancing. Maybe ask them to give it a shot.
  12. Activating Bed Outlet setting with Alfaobd?

    Answering my own question. Yes it can be done with Alfaobd.
  13. Leaking axle seal?

    I would bring it back for another shot or you can pull the axle and add some rtv around the seal.
  14. DIESEL - Planning for larger turbo

    Comifornian has left the chat. Too much regulation, inspection and smog to deals with :)
  15. Ecodiesel power derating as temps rise?

    What options did you selected/submitted? So we can all checks those same options.
  16. Ecodiesel recall and reprogram...

    Mpg hasn't changed. But i do noticed lower mpg when used B20.
  17. Diesel Gladiator owners with upgraded gearing ONLY please...

    What tires psi are you running? Your mpg appears kinda low.
  18. 2022 Owners Manual Update to Oil Requirements

    Unless we can compares two exact same motors ( very unlikely). Run it for 100k miles, using different oils and then tears it down to inspects cam journals, crank thrust bearings, bores etc. It's hard to determine that if the more expensive oils are actually worth it. Having the correct type...
  19. 2022 Owners Manual Update to Oil Requirements

    At one point, it was on sale for just $15 for a jug. I've used this oil since new. Skipped all Jeep wave free oil changes, caused i like my engine bay free of oil spills :)
  20. Ecodiesel recall and reprogram...

    Mine appears to uses more def after the update. It used to be 1500 miles per 1.25 gal of def. But now after the 2100 miles road trip, it's used little over 2 gal. That's 1,050 miles per 1 gallon.