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  1. Blasphemy? These two live in harmony…. Gladiator + Bronco

    Happy wife, happy life. Here is what it took to make mine happy......
  2. Hothead Headliners - Memorial Day 2022 SALE!

    If you don't have any luck with that, let me know. I have the back panels (including the back of the cab stuff) that I didn't get to use on my wife's Gladiator before I traded it. I also have the sound assassin strips that go up behind the panels. I will sell them to you for $100.00
  3. Jeep patents Gladiator tonneau cover that can fit / carry all the hardtop panels

    Hotheads!. I have the OEM liner on my Rubicon Gladiator and I put a Hotheads on my wife's Overland. The Hotheads with the sound assassin is a better replacement.
  4. Jeep Igloo Playmate Coolers Collaboration Now Available

    I can put stickers on anything and call it a Jeep. Hell they even put Jeep stickers on Chrysler and Fiat cars and sell them as Jeeps. I am going to print some Jeep stickers for my toilet and charge folks to sit down on it......
  5. I was ducked today

    Getting into the Duck thing here. We have "ducked" about 35 Jeeps here in Las Cruces, NM.
  6. Can we talk about 2 things ?

    I like the Gladiator the way it is. I have both the Wrangler (22 JL with the 4 cyl) and the Gladiator. They both look great. As for the 4 cyl, I was very surprised in the performance on the road. I haven't even taken it on the dirt yet. It is after all for the wife and she would have a cow if I...
  7. SiriusXM Guardian is Crazy

    I really only care that the fob works. I got used to being able to check the lock status of the Jeep from far away, but that was a novelty. I do wish that the apps that communicate with the vehicle were open sourced so we could modify it for our own use, but that won't happen any time soon.
  8. Should I buy another gladiator or the new tundra

    I effectively did the same thing. Went from a 2018 Tundra TRD Sport to a 2021 Tacoma TRD Pro, then over to the 2021 Gladiator Rubicon. My personal experience is the Tundra is great for hauling around big kids in the back seat but the Gladiator comes in a close second. Don't even think of the...
  9. Cb antenna location radio interface?

    I decided to mount a ham radio in the truck. I was trying to figure out where the best place to mount it was. I opted for in the back of the truck but wanted to keep it closer to the cab. So, I mounted it on the front of the bed. The Tonneau cover [not pictured] fits over the mounting (with a...
  10. Finally able to install my badge of honor in place of the black trail rated emblem.

    Thanks for your service and congrats on getting to the end of your service. Nice badge.
  11. First theft .. Crosby shackles

    With all the folks walking across the border here, there seems to be lots more people looking in my truck bed for lose items to grab and sell. I have resorted to open carry here just to make sure there is attention paid to who will strike if provoked. A quick walk around the vehicle after...
  12. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    Well, I had 2 bright white Gladiators in the garage until tomorrow. Yesterday the wife woke up in the morning and said that if she knew I was going to get a Gladiator right after she got hers, she would have just got a Wrangler. My jaw dropped. I dared her to find one for a trade on her...
  13. Adaptive Cruise Control: yay or nay?

    Especially just north of Harris Ranch.... That lot smells... Kinda hard to get your appetite up to stop for steaks if you are coming south.... The 99 is just as bad....
  14. Adaptive Cruise Control: yay or nay?

    I had a 2018 Tundra TRD Sport with it. Same thing happened to me with it. Or on some bends in the road while driving in the passing lane traffic in the slow lane would trigger the braking mechanism and cause the (nearly) loading of the underwear in the driver's seat. I learned to anticipate...
  15. Adaptive Cruise Control: yay or nay?

    I have had some form of adaptive cruise on my last 3 vehicles. This is my 4th vehicle with ACC and my first Jeep. I love this version. My last 3 vehicles were Toyota's and their version of ACC drops out at lower than 27 miles per hour or near that. This version on the Gladiator works all the...
  16. Anyone Install Mopar Cold Air Intake Yet?

    Thats kinda what I figured. Thanks for that dcmdon.
  17. Gladiator pulling tire

    Not sure but I think they all are. But, I have a Rubicon with front and rear lockers, so there is that.
  18. Favorite color you didn’t buy…

    I got 2 white ones. All white, roof fenders, etc... It just makes sense in the desert here. My wife would have liked hers to be black. I would love to have had one in firecracker red.
  19. Cell phone holder?

    I use the pro clip, but for when it really counts I use the 857 ham radio (pictured attatched to the clip) for comms. The phone sits in the console connected to the USB network inside that console.
  20. A huge pet peeve: graffiti for Instagram

    I wonder if you could sand blast it away without doing any more damage.....?