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  1. $4 mirrors, couldn't be happier. Don't pay more.

    Just picked mine up at O'Reilly Auto parts. I love this forum. Damn genius. Thanks for passing this along!
  2. Jeep Igloo Playmate Coolers Collaboration Now Available

    This. Is. Real. Damn bed is so shallow.
  3. To trade or not, what would you do.........

    In MA it's not really worth it. Increased insurance Sales tax 6.25% Increased excise tax It equates to thousands.
  4. Jeep Wave Tire Rotations

    It was just routine oil change and tire rotation. No issues, but they were backed up, so it took about 1.5 hours.
  5. New owner

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this.... Why did you buy it? You just spent 50K+ and you didn't test drive it or get in it and check out the interior? You mentioned you had preconceived notions about the drive quality and you still bought it... just sayin'. Jeeps are just different. Like no...
  6. Worst on Consumer Reports

    Nailed it.
  7. Dealer Drama

    Bought my Willys last May at Kelly in Lynnfield MA. Got over $4300 off.... then again, it was like a week before the chip shortage.
  8. Jeep Wave Tire Rotations

    Had mine done at Kelly in Lynnfield MA last week with rotation. No charge. BUT, I have a Willys with stock tires. I haven't read the fine print... do the tires have to be stock? Obviously 37s aren't.
  9. Bed Cover Preference: Roll Up or Flip Up, and Why?

    I have a Rugged Ridge soft roller. It's perfect. There when I want it, out of the way when I don't.
  10. What green is this?

    Based on my limited knowledge... Pickle. Dill if I recall.
  11. New Soft Top that folds down into the bed.

    Curious at what speed does wind and rain seep into the rear section... it's not sealed. As another post mentioned... I can appreciate the effort that went into it but, it comes up a bit short. But, their designers have defeated the blank page. Version 1 is in the books. It will be...
  12. Why the High Altitude?

    You do you brother. I think the HA is killer.... nice choice. I bought a Willys because the price was right and the package/trim elevated the overall appearance. The Sport and Overland just didn't do it for me. I didn't buy my Gladiator for trails and off roading but for the the fun factor...
  13. Little Delighted (scratch that: not Dissapointed) in Quadratec

    It's just a sign of the times. And it's not a person at Quadratic being deceptive, it's their inventory management system. These systems are only as good as the data that is being provided. Vendor fulfillment, shipping delays, expected stock replenishment... Give'em another chance, I've had...
  14. Dealerships can be so sneaky

    I live in MA as well. I bought my Willys at Kelly Jeep in Lynnfield in May and got $4200 off with no shady business. For a dealership, they were straightforward and upfront. Might want to give them a call.
  15. Has anyone replaced this part of the of rear bumper?

    I REALLY appreciate that but I placed the order already. Thanks for the note.
  16. Has anyone replaced this part of the of rear bumper?

    Great point, but it's totally limited to that part, it's $103 shipped.... and, it's Christmas. $500 bumper or buy presents for others.
  17. Has anyone replaced this part of the of rear bumper?

    This past weekend I found a deep gouge in my rear bumper. Someone must have misjudged their parking skills and my rig paid the price. The good news, this part is sold separately for about $100. Question: Has anyone replaced this? If so, do I just need to remove the plastic retainer clips and...
  18. Talk me off the ledge....

    Yes, they are expensive but arguably one of the most versatile and fun vehicles on the road today. The utility of having a pickup is great but the fun factor is immeasurable. This past summer was like no other. Just going out to pick up a few groceries is fun with the doors and top off. You...