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  1. Looking for 1.5 inch over Rubicon height springs...

    I have Rubicon springs (and shocks) all around, with 1.5inch Daystar spacers in front to level my Overland. Issue is when offroading, when the suspension unloads the spacers rattle a little. I need to get it up in the air to cycle the suspension to make sure there are no other issues, but i...
  2. Good paint that matches texture of top

    When I painted the JK Hardrock bumper I installed, I used the Custom Rust Oleum Rugged Black. It's really durable, and matches the black top really well. Premium Custom Lacquer Product Page (
  3. Is ethanol good for the Gladiator?

    It is apparently not good for the environment... Environmental outcomes of the US Renewable Fuel Standard | PNAS
  4. Thoughts/experience with JKS Flex Connect Sway Bar Links

    Does anyone have any experience with the JKS Flex Connect system? Thoughts/Opinions, etc... looks like it could be a viable alternative to ORO or RockJock... Flex Connect Tuneable Sway Bar Link Kit | Wrangler JL and Gladitor JT – JKS Manufacturing (
  5. Alabama Stock Overland tires + spare $250/Offer

    Stock wheels/tires. 20k miles, no TPMS. 1 wheel has a Little Rock rash, spare never used. Tires all have decent tread left.
  6. Door cart

    Needed a place to hold doors, so threw something together… I need to lower the one set of eyes, but pretty stable, and makes the doors easy to store and transport.
  7. Whoops, time for new bumper shopping...

    Went o a trail ride today up to Flat Rock via Iron Gap in N. Al. Slipped on a wet rock, and put stock bumper into a rock. Now to really start shopping...
  8. Huntsville, AL.. soon to arrive

    Next Friday I will be driving the JT to Huntsville from S. FL for permanent change of station.Initially will be in temporary lodging, looking for a house. Wife and son will follow as soon as school is over in May. (hopefully I can find a house that doesn't require too much renovation...) I'm...
  9. Grim Jeeper gear calculator

    How much credence should I put into those calculations? Summer ‘21 I’ll be making some changes, lift, 37’s, etc. running that calculation, difference between the stock 32’s with 3.73, and 37’s on 4.10 I’ll get slightly lower ratios than I currently have. I constantly read and hear that I...
  10. What are the nipples on the rear upper control arms?

    What is that little nipple on the rear upper control arms for?
  11. Bed side caps

    Is there anyone making caps to replace the plastic on top of the bed sides and tailgate? The mud down here is tenacious, and despite scrubbing and then mothers back to black (scrubbed in with old toothbrush) The stains are still coming back. I’ll be getting rid of the plastic bumpers, of...
  12. Bought a new JLR today...

    My 7yo and I can now go wheeling on rainy days...
  13. SwayLoc sway bar

    Does anybody have any real world experience with the SwayLoc system? I'm working on budgeting for all I need to do, and wonder if I should go this route, or I should plan on the Anti-Rock system. I am really leaning to the Rock Krawler 3.0 Pro-X Stage 1 system for the lift, if that helps any...
  14. Spring dimensions

    Does anyone happen to have offhand the center to center of the spring perches Front and rear?
  15. Best jack for trail running

    I know I’ll be needing a big jack for running trails like Rubicon, but would a HiLift variant, or a bag type like the ARB X jack be better?
  16. Wax for textured hard top

    What recommendations are there to protect the paint on the top? Should it be waxed at all with something like Meguires Black Wax? The rest of the truck I use Griots products on.
  17. Badges earned in Ocala Nat’l Forest

    Just got back from weekend of camping at Salt Springs Rec Area on the edge of Ocala National Forest. Both wife and I had out Jeeps there to earn their first badges. Did a great job of bringing part of the Forest back! 6 yo loved the splashing through the puddles. Admittedly, the TJ was more...
  18. Kingdom Krawl

    Is anyone watching the series?
  19. Florida Sold: Stock Overland steps, no hardware.

    Took off to replace with Rubicon rails. $100, pick up or meet within N. Broward, S. Palm Beach counties.
  20. Dealer to avoid: Schumacher Chrysler/Jeep in Delray Beach FL

    Dealer to avoid: Schumacher Chrysler/Jeep in Delray Beach FL I had a 7:30 AM appt today to have the steering wander issue looked at. A week ago I set up the appt. This is the dealer I bought the truck from. I arrived at 7:30 on time for my appt. After explaining the issue to the service...