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  1. Death Valley trip ..where should I go?

    Heading to DV for Memorial Day weekend. Those that have been, what do you recommend doing while there ?
  2. Attention: Service Expiration

    Anyone familiar with this On screen message? Popped up this morning on my wife’s JL but never saw it on my Gladiator. Is this Sirius or something else. Even when you cancel, it continues to override current app screen and pops up About every 10 seconds. Quite annoying.
  3. Moab - Easter Jeep Safari all registered 🤘🏻

    Looking forward to this years EJS in Moab. Registration for members opened up today and have a full slate of trails all set. come on April!!
  4. 1 year already .....Time is flying.

    Just a few days past 1 year since we brought you home. Best move ever and the greatest diversion from what was arguably a crap year. Day 1 we had you on the rocks ...... you have changed quite a bit. Looking forward to 2022 and new adventures!
  5. Oh hell yeah... your search has ended. Thank me later. 😁
  6. Holy hood scoops Batman

    annnnnnd fender flares. $700 for flares $450 for that awesome scoop Please stop ....just stop. Oooof.
  7. School me. Ok to run Baja on Aux 1 or 2?

    Electrical has always been my week spot on vehicles. Help me out here. Looking to install set of Baja Designs XL Sport driving combo on cowl using open aux switches 1 or 2. I already have aux 3 and 4 being used for front and rear bumper lights. Specs of each light below. Question is this. Draw...
  8. Off Road Expo - AZ this weekend

    Hmmmmmm ....never have attended this show. What the heck. Whats the worst that could happen? 😁🇺🇸
  9. First theft .. Crosby shackles

    Well, guess it finally had to happen. I have Crosby 3/4” shackles on the front and rear bumpers. Just noticed this weekend that some douche boosted one of my rears. Thinking it was during our overnight stay in Sedona last weekend. Other than a few drops of loc-tite, what are folks using as...
  10. Busy JT day on Schnebly

    Took the wife’s JL instead.....Even in the rain, this is a great trail for a Saturday drive. Saw several JTs on the way down.
  11. 2021 .. Back up camera not functioning

    Went out for some errands today and all was well until I hopped back in to go home and back up camera screen was blacked out when put in reverse. Any thoughts on this? It’s not the blue screen of death, but just blacked out as in pic. Also, which fuse is the camera on? Fuse detail really...
  12. What are you using to wrap external wiring?

    Anyone using any specific products for wrapping external wiring installs of lights, etc? I'm running rear bumper spots and other "stuff" and curious to see what anyone may be using for that long of run. Currently shrink wrapping the connections to waterproof. Looking at the other 10 ft of...
  13. What’s the super secret trick??

    What is the super secret trick to disconnecting the “locking” wiring harness plugs? I use a tool to move the little white “locking” tab up and push down on the tab and for the life of me, the connectors will not separate. In this case, I am trying to remove the rear sensors from the back...
  14. ParkSense and new rear bumper

    Installed new steel rear bumper and relocated the sensors( yes... correctly). Sensors appear to be working as there are no errors and I get a good visual on the center dash with back up grids and all. The audible warning was working fine prior to install. Only thing different is I have since...
  15. You WILL buy a Gladiator and 37’s after you watch this - Off Roading explained

    Longer wheelbase ...check Larger tires.... check Gears .....check Etc Etc 😁👍🏻🇺🇸
  16. Badge of Honor luck?

    Has anyone else experienced zero communication with the Badge of Honor folks? I have several badges that I checked in and followed procedure yet it has been crickets from them and the status has not changed in the app. Have emailed their given email address several times over several weeks...
  17. Arizona Sold: (NLA/Sold) Bumper (F and R) and rear step parts

    Both Rubicon bumpers (plastic)have come off as well as the steel skid plate, rear red tow hooks and factory bed side steps. Give me a shout if anything interests you. The rear tow hooks and the side steps are really heavy duty and good quality. Oh yeah .....still have almost new set of Rubicon...
  18. Wiring question with license plate bolts

    Completing the install of Rebel Off Road summit series rear bumper. Last step is to wire the license plate bolts that they use with their bumper to illuminate the rear plate. Their instructions say simply to wire the light bolts into your factory license plate light wires. Light bolts come with...
  19. Is this battery disconnect still valid?

    Will be starting some wiring projects coming up soon. Is this still a correct method of disconnecting the battery to avoid and issues? Pulled it off JL forums. Thanks in advance!