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  1. Clearlidz Freedom Panel...Thoughts?

    $1300 for a sunroof that doesn’t automatically retract? Pass. Maybe in Seattle where it rains most of the time and the sun doesn’t come out much. This set-up would be perfect for that environment.
  2. Greetings from Germany with our 2020 JT 3.6 Rubicon Gobi

    Wunderbar, weil es im Wald geschah……….in einem Jeep :jk::)
  3. Jeep wouldn’t give me a wooden LE Gladius, so...

    Found a Cold Steel one on eBay....$37. Had a guy put an edge on it that you could shave with....$30 and got it engraved....$42. $109 in total. I'm happy!
  4. Greetings from Germany with our 2020 JT 3.6 Rubicon Gobi

    Es seiht gut aus! Im sure many Germans are salivating over that JT! I lived in Gelnhausen for 3 years. My wife is German. Enjoy the attention. I’ll try not to think about your €€€ at the Tankstelle 😩
  5. SiriusXM Guardian, is it Worth Renewing?!

    Would you elaborate on “useful parts”? Was it one of their packages or were you able to pick “a-la-cart”?
  6. SiriusXM Guardian, is it Worth Renewing?!

    Well mine is expired now. They sent me an offer for 6 months for $60 but just for the Guardian and Security package (Remote package excluded). Now I get these annoying pop up windows reminding me to renew it. Anyone have any luck with haggling over the phone to get a better deal? At the end of...
  7. Jeep Igloo Playmate Coolers Collaboration Now Available

    A $20 cooler. They put “Jeep” on there and charge you $45. No thanks. Would be nice if the dealerships included one in every new Jeep purchase though.
  8. SiriusXM Guardian, is it Worth Renewing?!

    Any updates to this thread topic? Mine is coming up for renewal and just wondering what pricing deals y’all are getting.
  9. 4" or 6" lift? This is my first Jeep, so many options.

    Agree 100% on the drive the stock setup for a while and get a good baseline for how it rides. Bigger tires and lifts will not improve the ride from that baseline. Based on how you say you drive, stock is perfect. If you’re after a beefier look, do 35s (no lift required). Just my 2 cents.
  10. Mojave Gas Mileage

    My earlier post was mostly in jest but also sincere but I will say, 11 mpg on your Mojave is unusually low. Mine never averaged less than 14.5 all stop & go driving.
  11. Mojave Gas Mileage

    What is this “gas mileage” discussion thing? ;) The Jeep is a drag device as it scoots down the highway looking badass as hell.:muscle: Add on bigger tires and whatever other accessories that make it look more badass and mpg will suck even more. Discussing the nuances of fuel efficiency in a...
  12. Auto Stop/Start Stopped working.

    Yep, punting for sure, in addition to still blaming my aftermarket stepsliders.
  13. Auto Stop/Start Stopped working.

    The service rep checking me in showed me the TSB on his screen and said it just came out. No prescribed fix as of yet. They claimed they checked my media port and it was not indicating itself to be causing any drain. Side note, my service rep initially told me that both batteries checked out...
  14. Auto Stop/Start Stopped working.

    Third trip to the dealer over my battery dying twice as well as the start/stop not ready with no reason as to why not ready and now they finally replaced both the main battery and the auxiliary battery. Let’s see if this fixes my battery issues. Oh, for what it’s worth, a new bulletin came out...
  15. Has anyone's start-stop system just... stopped working?

    The start/stop system is supposed to tell you why it’s not ready, i.e. engine temp, cooling, heating, no seatbelt, etc. The manual spells out the many reasons it won’t operate.
  16. mojave or rubicon

    If you ain’t gonna rock crawl and you can live without a front locker and sway bar disconnect, get the Mojave. Absolutely love mine! Personally, I think the Mojave looks better too….probably the fake air scoop on the hood. Lol!
  17. Has anyone's start-stop system just... stopped working?

    Another thread on this topic….
  18. Auto Stop/Start Stopped working.

    Well it did it again. After a clean bill of health from the dealership saying they tested my batteries to be good and no excessive draw from my stepsliders or anything else, the truck would not start just one week after the dealer visit and battery fully charged. I shall be going back and...
  19. Disable the daytime halos

    You may have missed it in is initial post, he said, “We do alot of hunting so being stealthy coming and going is important.”