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  1. California Locking Under Seat Storage Bin

    Just picked this up, I was pretty excited about it but I lose too much space under the seats. We use that space a lot. Looks great. Previous owner said that the large bin handle sticks not sure why. I was going to swap out the cylinders and if necessary the handle as well but it seems fine to...
  2. Anyone know what this is for???

    I was installing my ARB compressor with the Grimm Kit and found and electric plug zip tied to some lines it goes into the motor. Anyone have a clue what it’s for?
  3. California Sold: K&N Intake

    Used for around 2k miles, wife not digging the extra noise so it’s gotta go. In SoCal SD to be specific. Retails 300 plus nobody will sell it in CA, just washed and oiled so it’s ready to install. Letting go for 175
  4. California WTB Steel spare no tire.

    WTB Steel spare no tire.
  5. California 37x13.5x20 Milestar Patagonia’s

    Selling my 37x13.5x20 Patagonia’s they have approximately 6000 miles on them selling because I want the 38x15 now. I’m in San Diego. These are 260+ a piece at discount tire. Looking to get 600.00
  6. California Sold: FOX PERFORMANCE SERIES 2.0 IFP

    Selling my Fox shocks. They were used for four months, six weeks of that time my JT was at the dealership getting an engine replaced so they were barely used, less than 500 miles on them and never made it off-road, all street miles. They are great for the Clayton 3.5 kit. Great shocks, only...
  7. California Sold: Mopar Front and Rear Grab Handles

    Mopar front and rear set. Bought them for around 100 for the set. Didn’t work with my JtopsUSA cover the straps on the cover are at the exact point that these grab handles are. My loss your gain. Looking for 65 shipped. Stock pic. Sorry they are in my storage atthe moment.
  8. California Sold: Mopar Hard Tonneau

    hit me up with an offer
  9. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    Still can’t believe our Jeep’s in 2021 don’t have auto up/down windows, my 2002 X5 came with power auto windows both up and down. I looked around the threads for something to fix this I only found one post that involved A LOT wiring and lot of work. I didn’t look in the JL forums so maybe it’s...
  10. Update! Dealer replacing engine!?

    Anyone else’s engine sound like this???
  11. California Gibson Dual Exhaust

    Tested the muffler and pipe leading to muffler to hear the sound tried it out for about an hour then put it back in the’s too quiet for me. Louder than stock but not what I was looking for. All the remaining parts have not been bolted on it’s all in the box. Shoot me an offer...retails...
  12. California Sold: Mopar Steel Bumper End Caps

    End caps never used them. 270+ retail Selling for 125 shipped to lower 48.
  13. I hope this is not real...6 wheel JT?
  14. Anyone else buy one of these for Christmas?

    Forget Hotwheels, this is the one to get!
  15. California 2020 Hemi Gladiator...80k just in case anyone is looking...I wish this would've posted 2 months ago I would've jumped all over this.
  16. California Sold: Full Rubicon Suspension less than 1500 miles.

    Took a while to get my Clayton 3.5 kit in the mail but it finally came in so all the stock stuff has got to go. Truck had 1500 miles on it. 4 Fox shocks, springs, links, front rear track bars, all 8 control arms. I’ll post pics once everything is fully off and cleaned. Shoot me an offer I’m...
  17. California Sold: Mopar Tonneau

    Mopar Tonneau Just bought it but after seeing another members setup in person I’m going to go that direction now. I’m in San Diego. make me an offer.
  18. California .

  19. Free Intake...kinda.

    First let me put this out before anything...I’m not looking for power gains or MPG, purely sound. I like how an intake sounds on these engines I had the K&N one on my JK but that was purely MY vehicle...the JTR is not, it’s a family car. Anyway I bought my intake again for the JTR and again it...
  20. California Delete