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  1. Opa’s HA build

    Lastly, here is a pic of the Warn solenoid mounted on a bracket that I fabricated out of a piece of steel shelf support. One of these days soon it will come back out of there and get painted, but it won’t be this day. I didn’t go into a tremendous amount of detail because this has been...
  2. Opa’s HA build

    I was impressed with just about everything Voswitch until I mounted the switches in the dash. I’m using the light from my phone to backlight the switches and the little tray next to it, and if you look around the edges of both you can clearly see light shining through the gaps where they don’t...
  3. Opa’s HA build

    I like to be able to disconnect things easily if I need to so I used a bullet connector to connect the trigger switch from the Voswitch control box to the Jeep’s fuse box.
  4. Opa’s HA build

    I also removed the windshield washer tank to route the wires underneath/behind it on their way to the battery. Because I had a bad experience with a coil wire that rubbed bare and welded itself to the firewall of my CJ7, I’m slightly paranoid of wires running near the engine, so I screwed a...
  5. Opa’s HA build

    Voswitch J300. After lots of forum thread education, I decided to go this route because the switches fit in the factory install spot and for now, 6 switches will do. There are lots of pics and videos on this, so I’ll just post a few because without pics it didn’t happen, right? i routed the...
  6. Opa’s HA build

    Finally something new! I had my winch sitting in the new bumper for a few weeks while I waited for a Warn disconnect to arrive. Then I couldn’t find a good place to install the switch to energize the disconnect solenoid and since I picked my JT off the lot, I didn’t get the benefit of having...
  7. Some of my other hobbies, and my shop

    Nice shop and excellent work! I like the reloading workshop also. I spend most of my days doing work in front of multiple computer screens and a laptop. It’s rewarding in its own way but on the weekends I do appreciate working on things with my hands. Actually doing something that you can...
  8. Baja Designs discount?

    I haven’t looked at or heard much about them. I’ll spend some searching on here for opinions. Thanks!
  9. Baja Designs discount?

    Thanks! I saw that old thread from a few years ago. I should have mentioned that. I’m not positive that’s the way I’m going to go. I’ll have time to look a couple different lights I like this weekend and make up my mind. Rigid has some that I like, KC also.
  10. Baja Designs discount?

    Do we have a forum member discount code for Baja Designs lights or from one of our other site sponsors? I am looking to spend a small pile of cash on LED off road and fog lights. I didn’t know about the member discounts and missed out on using them with Clayton Off Road and AWE exhaust. I...
  11. 35’s and 3.73s

    3.73’s on 35 x 12.50 MT Baja Boss. Mix of local stop and go and expressway driving. Average is 16 mpg. Suffers from hills, wind, slight incline. I’m not really happy with the 3.73’s. Regearing is next on my list. I’m thinking 4.56 will be about right for how and where I drive it but am...
  12. JT Pritchett Canyon Front Bumper

    I do like it in black and overall think the blacked out theme is working for me. Of course, as soon as I saw it on your Mojave while still raw metal my brain instantly went to “ dammit! I should have gone with my gut and finished it clear!” Hope you get the winch sorted quickly.
  13. JT Pritchett Canyon Front Bumper

    I’m thinking a pair of round driving lights in the two holes on the top of the bumper and a pair of round fog lights below it so they are lower to the ground. I’ll figure it out and get something on order tomorrow.
  14. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    Heck, they probably owe you some money. If they parked that amazing rig of yours out in front while they weren’t working on it you likely sold another hundred or so Gladiators for them! still, good to hear it worked out well for you.
  15. Jeep Igloo Playmate Coolers Collaboration Now Available

    I actually have a couple igloo marine coolers that fit under my cover, similar in size to that grizzly in your pic. When I saw those little coolers and the not so little price tag, I remembered a long thread of people trying to optimize cooler space under the tonneau covers and I was just...
  16. Jeep Igloo Playmate Coolers Collaboration Now Available

    Are there tech specs listed on the igloo website? I’m wondering if this might be the unicorn of a cooler that fits in the bed when you have a hard cover.
  17. JT Pritchett Canyon Front Bumper

    In comparison, the stock plastic bumper I took off was 33 pounds, so not quite double the stock bumper weight for me but that added 33 pounds doesn’t make enough of a difference for me to worry about it.
  18. Opa’s HA build

    I like the factory LED fog lights and really wanted to reuse them, but am not really sure they don’t need to be surrounded in plastic or some similar enclosure like they were on the stock bumper. Am I wrong about that? Can I fab up my own skid plate and just attach these to it without an...
  19. Opa’s HA build

    From the front of the grill it is about 10 3/4” to the front of the winch guard hoop. Sticks out far enough to look nice and be effective, but not too far. Really, really like this Pritchett Canyon bumper over the stock one. Not a great side pic but it’s pouring rain outside today so maybe...
  20. Opa’s HA build

    There are a lot of people in this forum with more experience with this stuff then I have, so I’m sure by now someone will look at those two pics and notice that I missed something. I cleaned everything thing up, started putting tools away etc, then moved the winch box off my workbench to make...