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  1. What Lizard is this?

    I saw a Gila monster on my MTB ride this past weekend. I always dig seeing them in the wild! Seems like I only see one every couple of years.
  2. The Definitive Front Bumper Thread

    Yes, I believe so. I know I didn't have to fabricate anything.
  3. The Definitive Front Bumper Thread

    I don't remember there being any issues at all. It was much harder taking off the old bumper and getting to the lights and harness than it was to install them in the new bumper. No modification that I can remember.
  4. Mojave Shock Rebuild timeframe from Fox = maximum of 50,000 miles

    Yikes...I just turned over 32k. I'll probably hit 50k before Christmas. Luckily I do have a JK I can drive while they are being rebuilt. Anyone know how long it takes for a rebuild?
  5. Traeger Tailgater grill on the power outlet?

    I just bought the GMG Trek this weekend. So far so good (bacon and a long pulled pork cook), but I've only run it in AC mode so far, so can't comment on running it off of the Jeep yet.
  6. Rim Rocker to Moab this summer....Feelin Saucy

    Didn't know about this trail. Thanks for sharing! Looks like I have some planning to do.
  7. My Conundrum 🥺

    I’m planning on 315s once I get a bit more use out of my stock tires. Mainly because of the load rating and I think they might be a bit lighter. Here are my bronze wheels. DX4 Rebels from discount tire.
  8. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    I‘ve towed a trailer that’s about 3000 lbs dry and probably 3800 lbs fully loaded without any issues. I have around 8000 miles on this setup. I do have a WDH with anti sway, so I’m sure that helps.
  9. Installed the Midland MXT500 GMRS radio and their Ghost 3db antenna

    Mine is the same...doesn't work very well with my 275. I basically use it when I'm not on the trail because I like the look better. When I'm actually planning on using it, I'll put on one of their 6DB antennas. It works much better.
  10. Trout Safari Overland Expedition Build

    Love the trout talk! I've been a fly fisherman for about 25 years now. Two questions about the tailgate storage: 1 - I didn't see any it lockable if you have an open bed? 2 - What is the install like? I assume you're cutting out some metal from the tailgate?
  11. Basecamp 16X - pulls great!

    Nice! I'm considering the 20X down the road a bit.
  12. GRMS handheld sufficient for trails

    This - It depends on distance/terrain, but in general, I think the handhelds (at least the midland ones) work pretty well. I have a midland mtx275 and a couple handhelds that I let friends borrow as necessary.
  13. Wrangler for Gladiator?

    We went on a 4000 mile road trip in our Mojave this past summer and regularly take 7-8 hour trips in it. It is incredibly comfortable for us (me, wife and 2 adult-ish kids). As mentioned, the seats in the Mojave are different. The ride quality and comfort is night and day versus my JK. Your...
  14. How can I tell if a used Gladiator has the Max Tow option?

    Go here and enter the VIN. It will show what the Jeep came with from the factory.
  15. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Same with the Rugged Ridge Spartacus.
  16. Which second vehicles compliment the gladiator best?

    My wife has a 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited. Great vehicle, quiet and comfortable! I also have a 2008 JK that I'll drive around town and to the more difficult trails. The JK is not comfortable AT ALL on the freeway for more than 30 minutes or so. The seats in my JT (Mojave) are VERY comfortable...
  17. The dreaded sunvisor

    I have the BRP ones and I'm fairly certain they are metal.
  18. What green is this?

    Reminds me of Jeep Electric Green (possibly my least favorite Jeep color ever). Electric Green TJ
  19. Mojave orange mods

    Not quite the right orange, but I still dig it.