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  1. Activating Bed Outlet setting with Alfaobd?

    Has anyone done it using Alfaobd? I don't see any setting in Alfaobd to do so.
  2. California FS: Various Parts

    All takes off parts below are less than a day on the truck. Please make offer. Thanks - 2021 Diesel Rubicon F/R springs - 2021 Overland wheels (5). Includes TPMS. - 2021 Overland front bumper, complete w/ newer version LED foglights (wider beam), skid plate + mounting bracket and plate holder -...
  3. Overland diesel front springs same as diesel Rubicon

    Anyone else diesel comes with front stock springs 6377AA, which is the same as rubicon front springs 6377AA/6378AA? However, my Overland rear part number are different though.
  4. California Sold: WTB: Factory Mopar Roll Up bed cover

    I'm in Bay Area NorCal.
  5. California Sold: WTB: Skid Plate for a steel front bumper

    Locate in Bay Area Norcal.
  6. California Sold: WTB: Diesel Rubicon Suspension

    I'm in Norcal Bay Area.