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  1. Preventative work based on FCA Tech Service Bulletins (i.e. faulty electrical wire harnesses)

    Question might sound silly, but if an official TSB is released on faulty electrical wire harnesses, and the harnesses are located in the same location from Gladiator to Gladiator, shouldn't I have the right to request the issue be corrected before it leaves me stranded with a christmas tree for...
  2. Each Gladiator Trim's Use Case

    Curious how people interpret the many available trims and who they're catered to (in a few words)... Could help potential buyers and save people from trading in for a different model to better suit their needs (after the fact): TRIMS: Sport: Willy's Sport: Sport S: Altitude: Willys...
  3. New York WTB OEM Front Bumper for Sport/Willys

    Got into a little accident and looking for replacement of front with another OEM. Thanks!
  4. In case you're wondering what the damage of a hitch ball does to a bumper at <5 MPH

    Sleep deprivation + too much on the mind = Was behind someone at Stop sign, was checking for cars and saw street completely empty, started to roll and hit a Volvo with a hitch ball on the back. Was going less than 5 MPH and the impact was so insignificant my dash cam didnt even record it...
  5. Any Gladiator owners beyond 36k and have used Mopar's Max Care protection plan?

    As the title states, anyone get a chance to use Mopar's Max Care plan? If so, how was the process? What was the cost of the plan? Contemplating getting it before factory warranty ends but am weary of extended warranty plans. Thanks!
  6. 1st baby right around the corner. Is there anything I can do to make my Gladiator safer?

    Hi yall, I'm a new Jeeper and a soon to be father and am looking for any tips/advice to keep my 2021 Gladiator Willy's as safe as possible for my new baby. I'm forgoing any kind of lifts and keeping the car stock outside of a few aesthetic mods. I did buy an upgrade kit to replace all the...