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  1. 39s are the new 35

    Honestly I can’t see difference in 12.5 and 13.5 - still tucked pretty good
  2. 39s are the new 35

    Just sold 5 of them with 37s. Thanks
  3. 39s are the new 35

    Thanks! Nearly as good as yours!
  4. 39s are the new 35

    Probl 5.13 probably. Still not sure though
  5. Winch or lift?

    Never used my winch. Just added weight. Lift is a must
  6. Alabama Rubicon Express 2 inch spacer lift FREE

    Was on a new dealer modded Mojave I purchased. I installed an AEV lift. No problems with it, just prefer AEV. Free. Just come get it in Lawley AL. No I won’t ship but might meet you if I’m headed your direction.
  7. Gladiator on 39s

    39 bfg ko2 with aev spacer lift on mojave
  8. 39s are the new 35

    I’m not online much so will provide as much information as possible. If you have a question don’t be offended if I don’t get right back to you! 2021 Mojave 3.6. Added AEV 2 inch spacer lift with their geometry correction brackets. Highly recommend any AEV product! Cost around $800 and installed...
  9. Alabama SOLD FT 5 Fuel Rogues & Grapplers 37x20

    Sorry man. He bought them
  10. Alabama SOLD FT 5 Fuel Rogues & Grapplers 37x20

    Lawley, between Prattville and T town. A guy is supposed to buy them today though.
  11. Gibson Leatherworks JT Leather Items

    I’ve bought several key fobs (for different jeeps) and they are outstanding. Prevents the metal spare key from always coming out
  12. Alabama Sold: FabFours Overland Rack

    This is an awesome addition, probably my favorite mod. FabFours Overland Rack. Sold for $2500+ new. Will sell mine, like new, for $1500. I have 4 rugged ridge cube lights installed that were another $600, will leave attached for $450. Takes about 30 minutes to install. Net NOT included. $1950...
  13. Finding The Best Overland Utility Rack For Jeep Gladiator

    The nets were made by Safari Straps for a JKU. They are no longer made but occasionally you can find some. Perfect fit and keeps dogs etc inside. Plus can hang stuff from them.
  14. Finding The Best Overland Utility Rack For Jeep Gladiator

    It sagged a little, but I have air ride bags in the rear so with 10lbs it sits level 20lbs of air and front sits lower than rear.
  15. Geometry bracket for level

    Try air bags in rear spings. Just air them up when under load and keep the comfortable ride. Under $150!
  16. Alabama Bestop Sunrider

    It’s the thinner I’m pretty sure. Figure on that and if heavier even better.
  17. AEV 370 JTRD

    Best color combination possible!! Beautiful build.
  18. Georgia Can anyone identify these wheels?

    Look like Methods