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  1. Axial Tail Lights - Blackout

    Anyone have these ? What's the quality like ?
  2. Any one swapped out the chrome lug nuts ?

    I found these , thanks for the help in deciding.
  3. Any one swapped out the chrome lug nuts ?

    Wifes ride has no chrome left except the chrome lug nuts. I told her I'd get her wheels like mine, You can't see them behind the black rhino covers. Haha , denied. My questions would be : Are there black lug nuts and if so are they painted and does the paint wear off after I swap the Summers...
  4. NGD

    Lucky guy !! I still lay in the dirt, nice job !!
  5. How the heck are you supposed to clean this?!?

    Wet stuff in one hand, ( spray bottle / hose), shop vac in the other hand.
  6. Anyone have one of these outlets??

    Who knows where it's from Lol
  7. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    NewgladdyOWNR, I'm curious about your window vents visors, are you happy with them. Do they keep the wind noise down? What brand? The color matches really nice 👍
  8. Floor mats, don't bother to read unless you want to laugh at my idiocy.

    These are great , nicely formed to fit tight, newer rubber compound not slippery.
  9. Hothead Headliners - Memorial Day 2022 SALE!

    $494 canadian , plus taxes, shipping and customs .... not such a great deal for us. I think I'll just paint a few coats of black
  10. Each Gladiator Trim's Use Case

    I wish , its a long commute and no where to plug in at work. Also its hers and I'd rather put the kms on the toyota. A coworker has one doing the same commute and has over 400k kms trouble free ....
  11. Aux Switches

    I follow this fellow on you tube, he makes great videos.
  12. Andrew's 2022 Sarge Green Mojave - Northern CA

    arskemp, thankyou so much for your response and the time you took to do that. Sounds like you have done this before. The routing sounds easy enough and I too think that a longer cable sounds like a good plan, I might contact them and ask about that as a possible option. I myself dont have the...
  13. Andrew's 2022 Sarge Green Mojave - Northern CA

    arskemp , I havent done alot of wiring but like this model of dash cam you have here. Are you happy with wiring provided ? Were the cables long enough to the back and contained the appropriate pieces to hardwire etc ... how about the access through wifi , any quirks you might have ? It seems...
  14. JT comes with Vaseline

    Looks like there not even using lube on that one, poor fella LMAO
  15. Each Gladiator Trim's Use Case

    Gladiator Rubicon - perfect for the weekends with Dad driving and the dogs in the back seat heading up to the mountains. Wrangler High Altitude 4xe - All the stuff she wants and smooth as silk to head to the grocery store and on the highway trips. (Toyota Corolla to get to that work thing)
  16. Official 2020+ EcoDiesel Oil Recommendations

    Thanks biodiesel, & Eddy that is @ Canadian Tire (Canada)
  17. Made in Russia: Nokian Tyres

    Took the winters off a little late this year. Always been great tires , however now I have noticed the fine print I'm going to have to find another tire to run.
  18. Anyone has jeep refuse warranty work with out having receipts for oil changes

    Did you show them the purchases on your cards ? Go to the store with the date and times and they will look up and reprint you receipts?