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  1. New Official Jeep Order Tracking Website Coming Soon

    Interesting, thanks for sharing. Hopefully this makes the ordering process easier for people to understand and predict when their vehicle will be built. I believe the days of having 200+ options sitting on on a dealers lot are long gone making this more robust system almost imperative.
  2. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    Ordered 7/2 Gone back and forth between D and D1 for 6 weeks now. Apparently just entered into Build Schedule phase but Jeep doesn't provide the official stage anymore but did tell me that they now have all the parts needed to build the vehicle. Who knows!
  3. What I need to know; First time out w/ my JTRD

    Low pressure groups are by far the best way to learn! Based on the trails you mentioned in your OP, it sounds as though you're not going to be tackling anything too complex. From out of the box, these Jeeps can handle quite a bit and based on the description you gave you'll likely spend a...
  4. What I need to know; First time out w/ my JTRD

    Congratulations! You're going to have a blast. The following information is something we provide to the new drivers of a group we roll with. Be sure to ask them what type of communication devices they use. These particularly come in handy if you're tackling trails that require a spotter as...