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  1. towing boat

    I tow a boat that weighs about 3k on a trailer that weights 1.5k-2k. I recommend working trailer brakes (I did electric as my trailer never gets dunked.) I felt the boat pushed the truck around pretty good stopping otherwise. But I have some hills and bridges that can be steep. I haven’t felt...
  2. UFO Disclosure Happenimg…

    That or UFOs are just long range probes to know when the planet is ready for habitation or harvest.
  3. Does anyone know how to get the stench of rotten whalemeat out of a Gladiator?

    I live on cape maybe I can talk the Wife into a ride up for a Zombie Whale watch. If I do I will be sure to park upwind and keep the dog out of the water😂 I had my jeep parked at work with the tops and doors off. Down wind about 100 feet from a roadway where a skunk was hit it was probably 5...
  4. Things you don't notice at first - Or for a while

    I didn’t notice I could zoom onto the hitch with the reverse camera for a year or so…
  5. Clock not keeping time

    Yup. It started again. Did you ever solve it with aftermarket?
  6. Submarine option now available on select Broncos

    We try to go to Bar Harbor once a year. Having hiked across that bar a few times that water comes up fast. 15 mins late and your trekking in waist high water to get across. Any later your calling a boat or waiting 9 hours. You can actually see the tide coming in it’s pretty cool. they also have...
  7. Removing the roof (3-peice hardtop) with a short wife and a tall husband?

    I remove mine myself but I can’t hang it alone without fear of scratching or damaging the glass. I put it in my shed and have to really flip it to maneuver it in. For easy storage without taking up much room you can hang a pair of wall hooks the type used for bikes or kayaks. Two people can put...
  8. Custom Rear Bumper

    Looks good, maybe a little large that would fit better with a bigger tire. Plenty of room to step on the top. You could add nonskid. Might finish it up on top a little bit and look less bare.
  9. Any ideas what’s causing this leak??

    What does it smell like?
  10. 6MT Trailer brake controller

    I put in a Red Arc controller in mine. Put the switch to the 2 o’clock of the cigarette lighter. The curt spectrum looks like a way easier install but doesn’t look as good as the redarc in my opinion. The echo does look like a great system as well though...
  11. Roof leak in back

    I dropped by in December. They verified it leaks and I’m still waiting for the parts. i have called and checked in still back order.
  12. Which second vehicles compliment the gladiator best?

    One of those electric mini coopers. Don’t know how comfortable you would find one but I had a blast driving one.
  13. Custom Rear Bumper

    I know how you feel I built my last bumper with an angle grinder except for the shackle holes I brought it to a friend to torch them out. I had fewer pieces and less intricate cuts. Look forward to updates and ideas in case I decide to make one again.
  14. Custom Rear Bumper

    I assume your chopping the corners like the rendering? Any plan on license plate lighting? Insert OEM or use motorcycle plate bolts?
  15. Please help! Rear axle shaft Jt Sport broke

    Awesome they warrantied the gears. If you can find warrantied shafts you can really make out. Maybe take time building a shaved 14 bolt as a decent budget option if tone rings are available. Keep the factory rear for trade in later. Curious to see how well the trussed 44 holds up in the front.
  16. Looking for recommendations for doors off mirror

    I have these as well 2 years now. They are the old style with a set screw I can put a leatherman to crank them down so that might help. If the base is in tight they don’t move at all. I now have dimples in the aluminum arm from cranking them down at the normal setting and also folded forward...
  17. What is everyone using to deflate / inflate their tires?

    valve core removal tool and spare valve cores just in case. much faster than anything else I have found. First to air down first to the beach. I also have a few plastic tips from old fix-a-flat cans that work as cheap deflators. Most of the time I use the air up station at the beach. For...
  18. Strange rattle...can’t find the location

    Something stuck between bed and cab?
  19. 20k Service Requirements

    OHara in Falmouth