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  1. Florida Mopar soft roll up bed cover

    I dig it but does it droop?
  2. Where has Hamburgers gone?

    Could be likely...Unfortunately. The guy with the orange wheels here hasn't posted since December.
  3. Mojave Shock Rebuild timeframe from Fox = maximum of 50,000 miles

    Silly question -- I assume that we pull t hem and send them to where ever and they get squared away. Cool. Do we just put regular shocks on during this time? I can't image the amount of owners that are single threaded on vehicles or can't let their vehicle sit for a week or two while shocks...
  4. A tale of two goods???

    BJJ is just really, a medley (in my opinion) of japanese jiu jitsu brought to Brazil by Maeda, taught to the Gracies, and now is probably the most common jiujitsu being taught now.
  5. A tale of two goods???

    Not really sure how to title this. Also, should be in the @Discount Tire forum but there's a little extra to it and didn't want to take from their glory. I've been in auto forums for 20+ years and one thing I've found is, you get the die hard fans of a particular vehicle OR those who come to...
  6. Jeep apocalypse in person

    Yes -- And it's close to the house and they're....gross! People buy them because they have more money than brains but you couldn't give me one and tell me to drive it.
  7. What is this? Mystery box on used Rubicon.

    I noticed it on mine last weekend. Looks like I'm pulling it this weekend. Any wires to cut? I didn't look too deep...just should plug in/unplug...right?
  8. What's the best way to sell my tires?

    Craigslist, you might as well send your info straight to that prince in Nigeria. For reference, my Mojave wheels and tires I sold for $600 with 14k miles on them via Facebook marketplace within about 12 hours of posting. A toyota guy bought them to use the 33" M/Ts on his truck and sell the...
  9. Sunk it but winched out

    Good to know! Thanks.
  10. Sunk it but winched out

    I did on my JKU. I've yet to dig deep into the JT because, well, I'm not offroading much in this critter. BUT, it was rather straightforward getting longer hose and there was a one-way valve on the end if I remember correctly. Extended maybe a foot. Some people extended above engine...
  11. Florida Mojave wheels and tires

    Pembroke Pines.
  12. Florida Sold: Mojave wheels and tires

    Well, more Mojave wheels and tires for sale! Came off around 14k miles and the tires have around 14/32 and factory it's 18/32 so plenty of goodness left to these buggers. TPMS are good to go and I'll toss in the lugs AND Mopar locking lugs. I'm in South Florida but will drive about an hour...
  13. Have to show off the new wheels! 35" Trail Grapplers and Method 703s in Bronze

    I've had 37's and while they're super gnarly, off-roading twice/year I can't justify the collateral stuff to go with it! So....I recently reached out to Don at @Discount Tire and he is the epitome of customer service. Strike that, this is what HUMANS should be like! Totally patient with my...
  14. Don’t know what to do…advice welcome…

    Yeah...That's all personal choice, or what's been mentioned, an advisor. I can only speak from the experience of: changing vehicles every two years and dumping a ton of mods in that time, to where now, financing a pricey vehicle for 3 years and only after a year, add wheels/tires as my goals...
  15. Don’t know what to do…advice welcome…

    Gonna second this. From a purely fiscal viewpoint, you obviously know it's better sense to hold onto the Durango. $30k < $50k+.... If you need to do "truck" things, I'd honestly say the Ram because people get Jeeps, whether it's a Wrangler or a Gladiator and expect it to be magical. And it...
  16. My tires and wheels showed up

    nice! Yeah, tPMS a little delayed but I’m excited. So happy I went with bronze 703s!
  17. My tires and wheels showed up

    Nice! Ordered the same wheels the other day. Super jazzed. What was your lead time?
  18. Angry eyes, not just for jeeps... Lololol

    Like how the article quotes Fab Fours: " Martin said, "I'm sure there will be a good deal of comments below telling me to burn it with fire." But they're undoubtedly popular with a solid portion of the off-road community, and it's one of the more common mods I've seen in my own anecdotal...
  19. Class action lawsuit against fca

    As someone who had a 2014 JKU with a tick, I was at least happy that my dealer replaced the entire drivers side head when I showed up with an issue. Maybe they'll still give me $2.49 as part of the class.