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  1. Arizona Gladiator Owners Thread

    I think a new thread has to be made for a poll lol.I could make one or if you want to that’s cool too!
  2. Arizona Gladiator Owners Thread

    I guess we can all give our general times and availability. Understandable that not everyone can come on a certain day but if we can get a majority. I'm available evenings after 330-4 but pretty flexible all around. If we can all chime in what works we can figure a date, time, and location.
  3. Arizona Gladiator Owners Thread

    @PowersergNY I agree! A get together to meet and check out everyone's Jeeps would be fun before we do any exploring. I'm definitely down for that.
  4. Doors off for the first time yesterday. Some questions.

    I really like this.
  5. Doors off for the first time yesterday. Some questions.

    I bought small circular mirrors off Amazon with an adhesive back. I flip the 2 end vents around and stuck them on there. I set it up so I can remove them but it literally is tool less and easy to set up once the doors are off.
  6. Arizona Gladiator Owners Thread

    I've never been to either but I would be down. Is it better to do morning time before it gets too hot?
  7. Jeep Capital of The World

    We’re going to Oahu in 2 weeks. Will dearly miss my Gladiator when there but we rented a 4dr Rubicon JL through Turo to explore the island. Rented a Jeep JK a few years ago in Maui and we’ll never cruise Hawaii without a jeep again lol.
  8. Arizona Gladiator Owners Thread

    Would be a nice fun run and some photo ops with our Gladiators together. I'm not experienced on technical trails. I'd be okay with something easier and more of a relaxed get together.
  9. Arizona Gladiator Owners Thread

    I'm in Gilbert near Mesa airport. Would love to go out with a group sometime!
  10. Mysterious Rattle I can't seem to solve

    I found my rattle/clunking noise. I guess my depth perception of noise is way off because I thought it was coming from the rear passenger side. It was actually the adjustable front swaybar disconnects. I didnt grease the new posts when I installed and it started making noises over dips...
  11. California Fox 2.0 Shocks 3.5-4" lift; 4" springs

    Would you consider shipping? I’m in Phoenix
  12. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    Finally sourced a Rubicon hood after months. White? Check. 5 minutes from work to pick up? Check. Installed earlier, removed decals, and swapped the hood vents to the Valkyrie open vents.
  13. Beefing Up Sport S Axles

    I installed the Metalcloak steering upgrade (tie rod, and drag link) and have had no issues with 37s so far 10k miles in. I don't do hard core wheeling though.
  14. Not another 2" lift thread; Advice appreciated

    Thanks, they are worth it. The price is nice compared to the Fox 2.5’s as well.
  15. Not another 2" lift thread; Advice appreciated

    I bought and had them tuned from Accutune Off-road. It wasn’t over the counter. FOX-885-24-246 FOX-985-24-228 The ride is excellent. I had Rubicon front springs installed as well to level it out. Rides the same if not better than the stock Mojave I test drove as a comparison.
  16. Not another 2" lift thread; Advice appreciated

    I agree. Anything added on top of the AEV would work well. I went with longer Fox remote reservoir shocks for 2-3” lifts to rid of the extensions too.
  17. Clunk on right turns

    I have the same clunking noise. Mine makes the same clunk too on going on bumps or dips at an angle. When the truck rocks side to side basically.
  18. Not another 2" lift thread; Advice appreciated

    You can cut that list in half if you go the AEV 2" spacer lift. This kit comes with new swaybar links, bumpstops, shock extensions, and carrier bearing spacers. I went with this kit along with MC trackbars as well as the longer Mopar LCA's. Rides amazing and straight as an arrow.
  19. Knock off Rubicon metal bumper?

    If you decide you want to sell that winch plate, I'd be interested in buying it.
  20. Who has gone front bumper-less?

    This actually looks kind of cool. I may remove my Cavfab and use the D ring plates.