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  1. Wanna see what 50 year old transmission oil looks like?

    My 8/1972 build VW bug got it's first ever transmission oil change today. It was quite disgusting. I filled it up with royal purple synthetic 75w140. What a difference modern oil makes in shifting. This picture shows you the color, but it doesn't do the amount of old sludge justice at all...
  2. Rear Alignment Specs

    I just got an alignment done after installing a 1.5" front + 0.75" rear spacer lift on my jt. Alignment was free, since I have a year long alignment from when I got my tires. The front wasn't far off, and it looks good after alignment. But I'm not so positive about the rear. What should toe be?
  3. Looking for a little more lift in the back

    I have a 1.5" Teraflex Spacer lift in the front, and .75" Daystar spacer lift in the rear. Can I do 1.5" coils only in the rear without changing too much? Or maybe the icon 1.38" rear spacer lift? These would replace the Daystar spacers. Just looking for slightly more clearance, at minimal spend.
  4. Pennsylvania 1 wildpeak MT 33" tire. Never used (+0 miles)

    It's a little dirty from being my spare. But otherwise new, never used, no miles. $50, but you have to come get it! This is the stock 33 that came on my Rubicon 285/70/17.
  5. Pennsylvania .75" front spacers - Daystar. Free to a good home.

    Like the title says. These were given to me by a member here. I ended up using a teraflex leveling kit instead on the front. So these are free to whoever wants them. Come get them. Chambersburg PA 17201
  6. Teraflex 2.5" Spacer lift kit- requires aftermarket wheels?

    Curious if anyone has run this kit, or if anyone knows enough about suspension and geometry to explain why this requires aftermarket wheels. I was ready to pull the trigger until I saw that. I'm already running 35's on the stock wheels, and don't really want to go aftermarket. This kit seemed...
  7. Skyjacker Coil Spacer Lift

    Anyone running this coil spacer lift? It claims 2.5" in the front, 1" in the back, so it should provide a bit of level as well as some ground clearance. Thoughts or experiences? I have a gift card to from Christmas, and this seems like a good way to spend it. I'm not looking...
  8. half doors

    Did anyone see that jeep is now offering half doors with no uppers as a $3000 add on now? That's a lot lower than they are charging for the door with the premium uppers, and if I were in the market for a new gladiator, I'd definitely buy that option. They now offer a less expensive base option...
  9. Peter's Mills Run - Late December? Early January?

    Is anyone interested in doing Peter's Mill Run at the end of December or early January? We're looking to earn another badge for the JT, and get our first badge on the JKU. I've never been before. Looks like a fairly long, but relatively easy trail.
  10. Pennsylvania 1 unused mud terrain Falken Wildpeak MT 285/70/17

    This is the unused tire that was my spare before swapping on my 35s. Never been used. Pics to come once I clean the dirt off of it. Falken Wildpeak MT 285/70/17 (Stock Rubicon 33" mud terrain).
  11. Looking for some steelies that don't poke

    Does anyone know of any in the 17*8 to 17*.8.5 range with 18mm-30 mm offset? I'm looking for some wheels that don't poke out passed the fenders, preferably in steel. I've had no luck. I do like these Vision alloy wheels for the price, and at 17x8 and 30mm backspace, they shouldn't poke...
  12. Show some respect for the elders

    It's the Jeep-Father, and a fine example. The article is a little better incorrect; I don't think the pickups were called gladiators until the 60s...
  13. Forest Roads Opening up

    Hunting season is coming up. I don't hunt, though several friends do. But still this ought to give us Pennsylvanians somewhere to sightsee.
  14. Sunrider for hard top - easy to remove?

    I'm getting tired of waiting on the aftermarket for a soft top, and I'm thinking of getting the Sunrider. Once installed, how quickly can the Sunrider be removed? If the weather looks clear for a few days, I'd still like to be able to quickly and easily go topless.
  15. Anthracite guided tour this weekend

    Weather pending, I'm thinking of doing the Offroad Consulting guided green tour this weekend. My wife and kid are out of town, so maybe good for some "me time" wheeling. Anyone else interested? The reason I say weather pending is because we've had a lot of flooding locally this week, and I'm...
  16. Pennsylvania WTB: one OEM Rubicon Wheel

    With or without tires. I'm looking for the base granite crystal wheel, not the upgrade. I'm looking for the one that looks like this:
  17. Smittybilt Gen3 Tube Doors (77794)- Tube door option

    I just installed these tonight, and went for a quick ride. The doors fit great and I did not hear any rattle, and they feel secure. The instructions, however, are some of the worst I've ever read. The writing is unclear and imprecise, the illustrations are non-existent, and the photographs...
  18. Bought a JK Unlimited

    We were looking to build a JL unlimited, but with the long lead times on the build, The dealership wasn't willing giving us enough on our trade by the time the build got here. We drive so much we'd have probably put another 4k miles on our compass before it got here. Plus, we were able to get a...
  19. AOAA or Rausch Creek tomorrow?

    I'm headed to either Rausch or AOAA tomorrow, and was wondering if any member here wanted to meet up? My rig is a completely stock JTR, so I won't be doing anything crazy.
  20. Bedlined hard top

    I scratched my hard top on my garage, soi figured I'd give "fixing" it a go. I like it. This is rattle can bedliner (Rust-Oleum Pro Grade), so getting an even coat was a challenge. I might do another coat in a week or so