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  1. Jeep patents Gladiator tonneau cover that can fit / carry all the hardtop panels

    Looks like a redesign of the hard top tool. Or you could just get a soft top. :CWL: JEEP HAS FOUND A PLACE TO STORE THE GLADIATOR ROOF PANELS A Solid Hardtop Tonneau Cover That Can Fit All The Panels At...
  2. North Carolina Sold: Oracle flush mount LED tail lights

    Oracle flush mount LED tail lights. On truck for two days and removed. $350 shipped CONUS Full disclosure: These were removed as they cause a "turn signals out" message to be displayed on my OEM LED truck and the green arrow on the dash to flash quickly. Other than that they work fine. I guess...
  3. North Carolina Sold: WTB OEM LED right/passenger tail light

    I need a right side (passenger) factory OEM LED tail light. No cross traffic. Like new if possible. Thanks!
  4. North Carolina Sold: WTB R/S (Passenger) factory OEM LED tail light. No x-traffic

    I need a right side (passenger) OEM LED tail light. No cross traffic. Like new preferred. Thanks!
  5. Pelican BX135 Cargo Case

    I've seen this mentioned a time or two on here but I don't think anyone has pulled the trigger on one. So I did. :CWL: I was looking for storage for my recovery gear and other odd items. I wanted: Secure/lockable so I could leave everything in the truck so it would always be available...
  6. Dickey Bell TR91 in Uwharrie NF North Carolina

    Went and hit a few trails in the Uwharrie NF this weekend with some friends. Here's a quick video of my JTR, no lockers coming up one section. Great time was had by all!
  7. Charlotte NC Folks

    Roll Call! Where are all my CLT people? I see you driving around all the time. Anyone slap some yellow pool noodles on the front bumper and harass the Dodge boys at Cars and Coffee? Anyone roll out to Uwharrie for a day of playing? I'm in the Concord Mills area with a silver JTR. 👋
  8. North Carolina Sold: Rubicon Suspension and Teraflex levelling

    2021 Rubicon take-offs (shocks, springs, end links) pics to come after I clean them. $300 SOLD to redfish Teraflex 1155300 1.5” front spacer kit. New in box. $85 located in Charlotte/Concord Mills
  9. Issues with M.O.R.E?

    Has anyone had any issues recently with M.O.R.E? I ordered a dead pedal from them on the same day that I ordered my Gladiator and I think the Gladiator will beat the dead pedal here. I've emailed them twice but haven't received a reply. I'm trying to do the right thing by ordering the original...
  10. 5/19 Build Date?

    I found a Sport with the options I wanted but the build date of the truck is 5/19 and the stock number has an X at the end. None of the other Gladiators at this dealer have that. I'm concerned that: There have been running production changes that I may be missing out on buying one so early in...