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  1. Group shot! All the family Jeeps in one photo! Let's see some Jeep familys!

    Left to Right. My dad, me and my sister! One big Jeep family! Feel free to share yours!
  2. What is this? Mystery box on used Rubicon.

    So my dad just took delivery of a new to him Gladiator Rubicon. I was giving the truck an inspection after unloading from the flatbed after buying online, found it plugged into the OBDII port, tucked away behind the kickout panel. Doesn't look like any programer that I've seen. Bought the truck...
  3. Handy Flag Kit Install/Review

    TLDR: So for anyone out there who wants a safety flag kit that is easy to take on/off and store, I would highly recommend this kit: Orange Handy Flag Kit. At $55 its pretty good, you get a well made flag, a quick decoupler, a collapsing flag pole that easily stores under the rear seat, plus...
  4. Spot painting trimmed frame bracket advice.

    Anyone have any recommendations for paint matching the frame? I had bought a pair of Mojave shocks on the forums a few months ago and everything more or less bolted up, just one small issue here, turns out they trim the frame at the factory. (Please ignore the loose bracket, I have some new...