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  1. Mice in the cab

    So I found a dead field mouse under my backseat today. I have only had the truck a month and drive it everyday. It is starting to get cold out unfortunately. Now I have to find where he came from:headbang::headbang: Hard top on, haven’t had the door off at all. I’m thinking maybe the vent in...
  2. Offroadlight wired to highbeams

    I intend on putting a pair of off-road/driving lights on my front bumper. On my last truck I had a 3 position switch (on/when highbeams are,off,On) so that driving on windy backroads I could flick everything off with the high beams. I could turn them on for beach lighting without keys near the...
  3. New England Online Marketplace Finds

    Post up your gladiator related finds in local places such as craigslist, Facebook, ect.
  4. Wrap around rear bumper designs!

    Looking at the long wheel base and giant quarter panels. It’s pretty evident that the bed-sliders wont prevent much damage on tight off-camber trails with trees (Everything in New England.) I suspect we will see crushed quarter panels and missing taillight galore once people start off-roading...