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  1. Diesel - WTF UREA buildup

    Check this out. right after the DPF i see this massive buildup. 21k miles. there was more, but it fell off when i removed the plug to check it.
  2. DIESEL- MRTuning-any experience?

    im considering a tune for my offroad only jeep. stage 2 MRTuning looks best. any thoughts?
  3. DIESEL - Planning for larger turbo

    Once i break this turbo ima upgrade. I see that MR tuning has some stage 3 tunes, but wanted to start the topic on a bigger better turbo for the diesel.
  4. 3D printed connector covers

    So i deleted my fog lights due to a new bumper and i want to protect the connector until i get the fancy lights i want. ive been toying with the idea of buying a 3D printer and making some covers for it for connections. Anyone toyed with this idea and maybe have CAD files :)

    PART NUMBER # 68256850AA
  6. Diesel - Alternator huge backorder options

    well i done broke my alternator. part 68292739AB is the replacement, but unknown backorder at this time. anyone know of any aftermarket or upgrades? I have an order in, but no jeep till then is a huge sad panda.
  7. Diesel - serpentine belt replacement.

    While returning from a mudding trip, I lost power steering, went into limp mode and the battery died. All signs point to serpentine belt needs replaced. I found the belt locally and gonna attempt to do the replacement today. I’ll post how I do. If anyone has tips I’ll take them. Thanks!
  8. Diesel - ECU cloning. Whats everyones advice on it?

    I am interested in cloning my ECU. Whats a good option?
  9. Diesel - Will i regret regearing to 4.88?

    I made a deal to get some yukon 4.88 gears locally. my Sport has 3.73 gears and its not so bad, but since im installing ARB lockers i figured id regear. i just conflicted if i will lose too much mileage since i normally drive at 75. thoughts? 37" patagonias with a 3.5 metalcloak gamechanger...
  10. Egr,DPF delete while in mexico.

    Im in the area soon and thought why not just go to mexico and have a shop down here do it. Any issues driving back into the country? Thanks.