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  1. Adding vents to Sport hoods?

    So I've been trying to source a Rubicon hood for my Sport for awhile and have had no luck. I do like the vented look even though they're non functional on the Rubicons. I've seen some aftermarket vents that look similar and functional. Of course cutting the hood is necessary but that's something...
  2. Anyone use Dobinsons springs?

    Looking to move away from my AEV 2" spacers to a true coil spring lift. The Dobinsons caught my eye. I want a 2.5-3" lift under standard load and the Dobinsons looked to fit the bill. Anyone using their springs and can chime in on quality and ride? Thanks.
  3. Arizona Sold: Brand New - Metalcloak Adjustable Lower Front Control Arms

    Hi all, selling a set of brand new, unused front adjustable lower control arms from Metalcloak. I could still send these back to MC for a refund but not really wanting to pay a restock fee. My loss is your gain. Retails originally for $360. Brand new and never installed. $300 shipped.
  4. Arizona Sold: Sport hood trade + cash for Rubicon hood - Bright White

    Hi all, long shot, I know but I’m looking to trade my Bright White sport hood plus $500 for a Rubicon hood in the same color. Located in the Phoenix area. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Upgraded to Fox 2.0 Remote on Max Tow

    Going from stock Max tow shocks, to Rubi Fox, and now to Fox 2.0 remote reservoirs. All I can say is wow, what a difference. Stock for the ride was plush and soft, with Rubi Fox, the ride was stiffer (not in a bad way) but I got a lot of see-saw action. I was not a fan of that and that’s the...
  6. Help with OEM fender part # for Sport w/ Max Tow

    Hi all, recently just purchased a CPO Gladiator that has slight damage on the driver side plastic fender. Through research here, I understand the Sport with Max Tow package (what I have) have slightly wider fenders with a small lip versus the Sport without the package. I’m on the Mopar site...