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  1. Shorter bed now available

    I don’t think it looks bad. But I bought my jt for truck stuff. Need the bed space. Cool mod for guys that crawl I suppose
  2. Shorter bed now available

    That’s cool but not for me.
  3. Good stuff or snake oil............

    Yea I had a full protection package done and had I just done the ceramic it would have cost more. There is a detail shop near by that quoted me 1500 for just the ceramic on a brand new truck. More then 3000 miles on it and the price goes up. I had mine done new. At zbart. They had it for the...
  4. Good stuff or snake oil............

    Got mine done it cost me like 1400 or so. Even after winter in ny it’s still beads water and shines nice
  5. Question for Willys owners

    Same size make and model tire Stuck on a cheap shit rim.
  6. In case you're wondering what the damage of a hitch ball does to a bumper at <5 MPH

    That’d be a dick move.. here let me not pay attention run into your car then go after you cuz the law says I can because you didn’t take the ball off… I live in ny too and leave my hitch on like most do here. Should someone feel the need to run into me and sue me so be it. Guess how bad my neck...
  7. JT Diesel Snorkel

    My thought with coating it if aluminum is that you lower heat soak even more. Perhaps not needed but couldn’t hurt. I’m glad to hear it’s not plastic.
  8. 392 and Xtreme Recon Gladiator not happening; but 4xe likely...

    Just curious where union labor comes into this?? The old image of a lazy union teamster or uaw worker is severely outdated. As a proud union electrician I can tell you without a doubt that a lazy union worker is an unemployable union worker even in times of Labor shortage. And for what its worth...
  9. May this is a stupid question , ENABLE THE WI‑FI HOTSPOT?

    I went to two att stores and they couldn’t figure out how to do it. They claimed I had to have the dealer do it so I stopped trying. I now just use my phone’s hotspot.
  10. Finally getting 4.88 gears, but how do you go about breaking in the front diff?

    Hey you guys do what ya want per your manual and common sense I will not place my jt in 4hi on dry pavement. You may not feel the binding in a straight line but it’s happening regardless.. even steering corrections will cause each tire to spin at a slightly different speed and cause some binding...
  11. 392 and Xtreme Recon Gladiator not happening; but 4xe likely...

    For what it’s worth I have a 4xe and a jtwd and the 4xe has yet to go in for any issues.. the jt has seen a total of 3 weeks in the shop and a total of 6 trips for warrantee work.. mostly for the auto stop start shit but I also had the chassis wiring harness replaced .. that’s no small issue lol
  12. Finally getting 4.88 gears, but how do you go about breaking in the front diff?

    I just read this aloud near my tuck and I heard my transfer case cry a little….
  13. Roof panel question

    I have ceased to be amazed at what some low-down ratzen fratzers will steal. Lock up your dog droppings...Mac That’s quite vernacular on that one 😂 did this come directly out of the little rascals thesaurus?? Hahaha
  14. Diesel 1st gear

    Converter lockup is different in manual mode if I recall correctly I believe you can get full lock in any gear with the right circumstances. IE x rpm with y throttle request at a given speed.
  15. Bypass filter and cooler install.

    Hard saying for sure but I feel I have. Last summer in 80 deg temps I’d commonly see 247 or higher. I’m also pulling a smaller but not lighter trailer.
  16. Diesel cooling options and ideas

    I agree with this 100 percent. If I were actually having derate issues I’d me mad. Really mad. Don’t get me wrong I put probably 1500 into solving an issue that should not have been an issue and actually for me was not a real issue. For what it’s worth my cooling setup worked as well as I could...
  17. Bypass filter and cooler install.

    Dry ice and soapy water lol. But hey who don’t like a stupid cat video lol
  18. Bypass filter and cooler install.

    I can’t figure out how to delete my cat video lmfao 😂
  19. Bypass filter and cooler install.

    Well we made it to myrtle beach!! Still no derate issues and got 15.2 mpg. Here are some shots of the off road pages as we made it from ny to sc. she got a little warm while in the Pocono mountains but still cool enough not to need to back down. We actually maintained speed without issues. I...