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  1. Maxxis Razr a/t 35x11.50r17 tires

    Ah man, supposed to get mine tomorrow. That's ridiculous. See what happens
  2. Purple Glad?

    Punkin is great, but Ace nailed it with mango tango pearl
  3. Purple Glad?

    Tuscodero is awesome, I've seen one around and thought it looked great. The 4xe accents were appealing with it too. Gator and Gobi are still my favorites
  4. Purple Glad?

    I love the burnt orange I see on JKs,I don't know the name of it, but would love that on a Gladiator.
  5. Purple Glad?

    Could have...
  6. Purple Glad?

    Yea I don't understand that. If they nailed the shade, I'd love it. I feel like there are people that don't like Bikini either, just because of the name. If it were called Electic Blue, they'd be all over it
  7. Purple Glad?

    I was flipping through the Extreme Terrain catalog and saw a purple JT today. Obviously has to be a render, but what do you all think? I kinda like it, not more than my Gator of course! but I could see a market. What color do you want to see for MY23?
  8. HIGH VELOCITY Gladiator JT Club

    I like it, wonder how much it shifts in different lighting.
  9. Sunrider quality issues

    Only thing I'd say is check on the z clips every once in a while, especially if you've been bouncing around with it open. One broke on my passenger side, but I also had a great experience with customer service.
  10. Sarge502: Progress Thread

    Hi Sarge, love your build! I've already got Rubicon springs and shocks on my Sport s (non max tow, so same axles as you) and I'm adding the teraflex leveling kit to make room for 35x11.5x17s I have on the way. Did you add the wheels spacers for astethics and/or for more room to prevent any rubbing?
  11. Maxxis Razr a/t 35x11.50r17 tires

    Well after spending the day begging and making promised, I was able to convince the better half. I'm on 373s but currently running the Falken MTs and these are only two lbs heavier. I wanted a hybrid tire next and these fit the bill. Don't want to be at the mercy of what's available when the...
  12. CarlinKit 3.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter on sale for $50!

    Ah bummer, thanks though. That's a great deal!
  13. O

    Wow that's wild. More power to him if he can provide and was help around the the house. That many kids, I feel like they start to raise each and the older ones have yo grow up quicker. I understand families used to be a lot larger, but when I found out we were having a third, I planned my...
  14. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Is that rt 12 or 9? We went through it last Sept on the way to Rehoboth
  15. O

    Also took the doors off the other day so now they think it's an open invitation to hop in and tinker with everything. Jeeps are so fun!
  16. Talk me into a Sunrider

    Yea I couldn't sell my wife on a soft top because the rear window as well. Though I'd love to run safari mode. I do love the sunrider and use it daily.
  17. O

    I have 3 with barely any sanity left, couldn't even imagine!
  18. Jeepers of Maryland

    I'd try to swing Memorial day if it weren't 3 hours away. I'm excited to see it though and love @AjMac 's pics. We plan to run south to north as well. I'm in Lancaster though, souther tip of the county touches the border with you MD peeps. The wife and I used to take a lot of day trips to...
  19. Need help with a decision.

    I'd take advantage of the locker deal. Won't be able to get savings like this on it future if you end up wanting it.