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  1. Anyone going to the Overland Expo in Flag this year?

    I am on the fence, been meaning to see what it's about for the last 5 years....
  2. Front bumper with integrated receiver

    Here are a few photos of my efforts adapting a cavfab bumper to accept a 2" receiver tube for a removable winch. I can get my hand between the skid plate and the bumper and fit a hitch pin in place fairly easy while avoiding the fog lights. SO no complicated spring load pin system should be...
  3. who here broke their knuckle

    damn cast aluminum stuff... Snapped right at the ball joint
  4. Arizona Rubicon FAD Skid plate

    Front axle disconnect skid plat off a Rubicon. Not sure if all model come with it, but i no longer need it. No dents or scratches. 20 bucks plus medium box USPS flat rate $15 i think. call it 35 bucks shipped.
  5. Oil Leak top of engine EGR side.

    @OrangeCJ @WXman I saw you talking about oil leaks, do you guys have any more details such as location? I ask cause I am noticing some re occurring oilly residue collecting basically just under the area of my charge tube at the screw clamp. I first noticed some film on the hose clamp screw and...
  6. Gladiator trail mater'd

    Anyone on here? FAD snapped
  7. 7" U connect - 128GB usb stick

    FYI, my 2021 JTR can read a 128gb usb memory stick with about 12,000 songs stored on it. I still have 50gb of space left for more songs. I got a chicklet style card and was able to sand down some of the plastic end cap and get the media door flap to close as if no card was installed.
  8. Gross gear oil @ 8k miles

    Just a FYI for anyone that cares, was at my buddies shop helping with a regear on another friends JTR, we popped the drain and rear dif cover and what a nasty gross stinky dark mess. The oil in rear diff was coffee brown, burnt smelling, with a fair amount of metal fines on the magnets. Buddy...
  9. puddles and windshield cascade of water

    Is it just me or does the JT seem prone to directing any water you go though at a speed greater the 5mph right at the windshield? I have had multiple instances where I drive through puddles 2" deep and next thing I know there is a deluge of water and I can't see out the windshield until I am...
  10. GMRS radio users - Tucson Az

    Just got a Midland MXT275 and want to test my setup and check it's range. Anyone around want to help me out? Maybe show me the ropes on how to best use it? Shoot me a PM
  11. All JT's come with Factory Window Tint?

    When I ordered my JTRD, the dealer was trying to upsell me on window tint, but didn't offer ceramic film so I declined and planned to just have it done locally. Well my JT showed up and to my surprise came with decent factory tinted windows, like a 70% clear on the front windows (that's what...