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  1. Oil leak

    Noticed couple spots on the floor and went to look underneath and found some residue. Over 36k. Any ideas on the cause?
  2. LED taillight moisture

    After arriving home, I noticed this moisture in tail lights. Should I take this into the dealership? I saw a post in Google search but the thread is no longer available.
  3. Michigan Sold: Dueller a/t $150

    4 tires with 6/32. 1 spare never used. No damage to the tires. $150 local pickup only
  4. Michigan For sale - Rubicon rock rail/slider

    Like new, 2 Mopar Rock slider rails. Also includes mounting hardware. $200.
  5. Michigan 4 Sport S wheels - $150

    $150 Four stock 17" Sport S wheels taken off of a 20/20 Max Tow. I will split. TPMS included Pick up, or you pay for shipping
  6. Sun bonnet campaign issue

    I had the Mopar mesh sun bonnet installed from the factory, and now my Jeep app shows that I have an issue. Does anybody know what a campaign is?
  7. Michigan Sold: WTB Max Tow passenger side flare

    Looking to purchase a passenger side flare for the Sport S Max Tow.
  8. Rough Country Rear bumper or Go Rhino’s Trailline Rear Full Width Bumper

    Looking at Rough Country's Rear Bumper with LED lights -10646, or Go Rhino’s Trailline Rear Full Width Bumper for the simplistic look and cost. Anyone had experience with either one, or experience with either company that could help with the decision?
  9. Michigan Sold: WTB Steel rear bumper

    Looking to buy a steel rear bumper off of a Rubicon with the sensor holes.
  10. Michigan Sold: WTB Rubicon textured flares

    Looking to buy textured Rubicon flares with the LED lights
  11. Traction boards or kinetic rope first

    Which would be better to purchase first, traction boards or kinetic rope?
  12. Air leaks at base of windshield

    I have an air gap/leak at the base of the driver's side windshield. I've pointed it out to the dealership who will fix the trim next time it's in. Just wondering if anyone else notices this issue.
  13. Michigan Sold: Mob armor phone holder, small

    Sold on eBay
  14. blind spot issue - passenger mirror indicator stays lit after startup

    Issue with the passenger blind spot indicator staying lit after using the remote start and sometimes upon normal startup. To remove the issue I turn off the Jeep and restart.
  15. Phone dash mount

    Has anyone used a magnetic phone mount on their dash?
  16. Michigan Sold: NIB, FS - Mopar solid sunbonnet $180

    Brand New, never installed, in original box.
  17. hooke road dead pedal issue

    tried installing the dead pedal from hooke road,, the pedal wedges against the jeep logo on the slush mat. My issue is that the pedal isn't firmly held in but will pop out from behind the logo and that pressure on the mat...
  18. save $1000 or get a free 10/10000 powertrain warranty>

    There's a gladiator I want that is out of state. If I buy the truck from the out-of-state dealer, I have an offer of $1000 less than from an in-state dealer willing to do a trade for the same truck. I've also asked for $1000 less from the in-state dealer who won't do it. Should I ask for...
  19. Cargo Management vs Safety Group

    First world problems, but for my mall crawler/weekend warrier that I'll take camping and using to haul my boat, I'm wondering if I should get the Cargo Management on my Gladiator or the Safety Group. The safety group comes in more color options including Hydro, which I really like, but I can...