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  1. Looking for opinions about Rubicon replacement shocks for AEV spacer lift kit install

    I've been running the AEV Spacer lift (2inch) for 12K miles with no problems on 37s on my Rubicon. Looking to replace the floaty factory stock Rubicon shocks with literally, anything better. I suspect I won't need anything longer than the factor specs. Looking for recommendations. Thanks.
  2. TSB (Steering Box) Done - Thoughts

    I kinda waited a while to get this done. Although it did wander at highway speeds and the imprecise steering was something I probably have accepted after 20K of driving. That being said, the Jeep is noticeably better now in both handling and overall driving experience. This should be an...
  3. Bed Lighting Installation Question

    I'm thinking about getting a system like the Oracle bed lighting system. I want to have it tap off the existing bed lights from the factory. Anyone have any suggestions on a clean wiring install?
  4. Arizona Factory LED fogs from OEM Steel Bumper

    $160 + shipping. Selling because upgraded to amber lenses. Thanks.
  5. Weird Glitch with RSE steps

    Passenger side just "died" as it was deploying. I was able to reset it with direct 12V power application and reconnect it... Any idea what it could have caused it? My theory maybe auto motor shut-off if it got bound. The passenger side isn't used much compared to driver. I did see the notes...
  6. 50" PRO6 GRAVITY® LED - 8-LIGHT - LIGHT BAR SYSTEM - 160W install question (wiring to factory AUX)

    Looks like these are rated at Amp Draw: 5.0-14.67A . Like to preserve my 40 amp switches for something else. Any issues that you can for see running it on at the 15 amp switch - AUX 3/4?
  7. OK weird Easter Egg. Not sure if this is common knowledge and I don't read manuals...

    But if he you hit the "MUTE" button twice it will activate Front/Rear Camera. You don't need to go into the UCONNET menu. Sorry if this has been posted.
  8. CB antenna mount on bed. Need opinions.

    I know there are are threads about CB antenna mounts in the front, I am specifically looking for a rear bed option. It must be compatible with a tonneau cover. Am I looking at custom fabing a aluminum bracket or are there pre-existing options?
  9. AEV 2 Inch Spacer Lift (installed with pics)

    Had a chance to had this budget lift installed recently. Appears to have preserved stock driving characteristics for the most part. Maybe less "floaty" then before. Can't tell if it's my imagination or not. LOL. The hard part was getting the kit itself.
  10. Tazer and dealership OBD readers

    Just curious if anyone has had any experience in leaving their Tazer plugged in when taking it to the dealer. Will effect their readers/updaters etc. I know it's pretty easy to uninstall pre-service but does it actually matter?
  11. Rugged Ridge Aramis Hard Tonneau and Mopar Trail Rail Install Thoughts

    I added both recently to my Gladiator. Few hints, make sure the mounting holes for the OEM Trail Rail hardware in the bed are ABSOLUTELY, 100% free of bedliner residue otherwise it will be a bitch to get the bolts in all the way. On the Aramis folding cover, make sure you install the top tie...
  12. JT Spare Wheel with 37 inch tire

    Coming from JK/JL side, typically most people get 5 wheels when they upgrade to larger tires, etc. My question is can the the JT spare fit a 37 x 12.5 and run it if needed? Do I need to order a "fifth" wheel or should I stick with the steel wheel? Secondary question is fitment in stock underbed...
  13. Want some thoughts on the Mopar lift since it's been out for awhile...

    I've been seeing some chatter that the lift is sub-par for what you pay for. You have to buy a new track bar to recenter the axles. In addition, the control bars are medicore. Shocks are to firm (?) Anyway, would like some honest opinions whether you would do it again or go with a different setup.
  14. Any cargo bed dividers that work with Trail Rail system?

    I'm not really seeing anything. There appears to be Mopar product but only for Ram trucks. I just need something that is adjustable and can divide the cargo area into sections. I will be installing a hard tonneau cover. Not looking for a full box/drawer solution. Opinions?
  15. 2021 JL order guides out how about JT? Diesel?

    Yes. Some of us are waiting. Anyone have any insight into when? Link to 2021 JL/JLU order guides: 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides Have Arrived!